Snapchat & Lumen Research Release Global Rich Media Attention Measurement Solution

Lumen Research, the global attention technology company, has announced a rich media attention measurement partnership with Snapchat that allows advertisers to measure attention across the platform’s range of unique advertising formats. 

Since 2021, Snapchat has been working with Lumen’s patented eye-tracking platform to measure gaze on advertisements in controlled lab environments. Lumen’s approach to attention measurement was put to the test through a proof of concept analysis of over 700 campaigns spanning technology, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and e-commerce sectors from 2022 and 2023.

By combining this highly accurate, human-first dataset with Lumen’s AI-powered attention model, advertisers can now measure visual attention at scale within every Snapchat environment, including commercials, AR lenses, and Snap ads.

“Through our work with Snapchat over the years, we’ve determined just how much visual attention is generated by Snapchat’s rich media ads through eye-tracking technology,” says Mike Follett, CEO at Lumen. “By producing a rich media attention model based on that data - and thoroughly testing its accuracy - we’re giving all of Snapchat’s advertisers a way to instantly measure visual attention without going to the lab.” 

Lumen’s attention metrics, which focus on whether consumers see an ad and how long they pay attention, can be applied to every channel and correlated with sales and brand lift studies - making it easier for advertisers to measure the real impact of Snapchat ads and attention across the funnel. 

By conducting brand lift studies across 285 different sessions, Lumen and Snapchat proved that 1 second of visual attention per impression is correlated to a 20X increase in ad recall, a 3x higher chance to drive outcomes, and that Snapchat augmented reality lens and commercial ad formats have a 40% lower cost of attention compared to other formats. 

“We’ve been researching attention for several years at Snapchat, and have seen advertiser demand for campaign attention measurement grow steadily. In our foundational research, we found that Snapchat has highly attentive ad formats across video and AR lenses, and wanted to put our findings to the test with actual campaign data,” says John Eckhardt, director of marketing science at Snap Inc. “As part of the transition to practical application for advertisers, we embarked on this proof of concept with Lumen and are excited to share that our advertisers can now scalably measure attention on Snapchat through Lumen’s measurement solution.”


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