Content Ignite Streamlines Publisher Ad Stack Management with Fusion Ad Stacks

Content Ignite, the publisher-first advertising technology and monetisation platform, has today (April 3rd, 2024) announced the launch of Fusion Ad Stacks, a groundbreaking new feature of its Fusion platform which streamlines the complexities of ad stack management into a single, unified, and user-friendly interface.

To date, managing various ad platforms and integrations has been a daunting task for publishers, demanding extensive developer time spanning weeks or even months for deployment and upkeep. Fusion Ad Stacks gives publishers a holistic view of their entire ad stack from a single platform with ease via its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

The feature allows publishers to seamlessly integrate popular header bidding platforms  such as Prebid.js and Amazon TAM with little manual effort required. Fusion Ad Stacks is fueled with extensive customisation options that help tailor ad setups for different units, audiences, and locations by blending contracts with existing SSPs. It also provides advanced targeting capabilities including device, browser, geography, and audience targeting for each ad stack. With no lock in it offers freedom to choose preferred ad platforms without being tied to a single vendor, unlike traditional header bidding wrappers. Publishers can take full control of ad stacks within a self-serve platform or choose a managed service supported by Content Ignite’s experienced ad operations team.

James Hanslip, CEO, Content Ignite

James Hanslip, chief executive officer, Content Ignite commented, “Our focus is continued innovation to meet the evolving needs of digital publishers. Through Fusion Ad Stacks we're empowering them to take full control of their ad revenue management, while simplifying the integration complexity associated with ad management platforms. Gone are the days of tedious setups and resource-intensive development. Now, publishers can select their preferred ad platforms and let Fusion Ad Stacks do the heavy lifting."

Alongside Fusion Ad Stacks, Content Ignite’s Fusion 4.3 platform offers further unique capabilities to support publishers, including a Prebid server integrated with Amazon Publisher Services, enabling them to increase efficiencies via simplified mapping capabilities and centralised reporting and audience targeted SSP’s. It also provides publishers with the ability to integrate Ad Block recovery tech, serve Consent Management Platforms (CPMs) to page, control ad unit mapping via stronger Google Ads Manager (GAM) controls for SaaS publishers and streamline reporting capabilities.

Content Ignite

Fusion is our cutting-edge advertising technology platform designed to give publishers control over on-page monetisation, ad technology and ad management, through one simple integration. Fusion was built to: 1. Maximise revenue through our moneti...
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