• Identity Marketing is the New Nurture Marketing: Q&A with Mike Sands, Signal

    Identity marketing has been around for years, but has now evolved from email into the programmatic space to better target known customers and audiences at scale. But, as Mike Sands, CEO and co-founder, Signal, tells ExchangeWire, there are a few things that marketers need to consider in order to activate identity marketing into their own marketing mix.

    ExchangeWire: What does identity management, or identity-based marketing, mean to you, and how has it evolved? 

    Mike Sands: Twenty years ago, ‘identity-based [...]

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  • If You Want to Ride the Programmatic Wave, Keep it Simple

    Teads hosted its inaugural ‘Programmatic Wave’ event to a packed room in London last week, seeing experts from across the industry coming together to discuss the evolution of programmatic, using surfing as a surprisingly fitting analogy. From creative and data, to brand safety and technology, almost no topic was left uncovered, with one common, yet oft-ignored phrase uttered several times throughout: ‘keep it simple’.

    ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane hosted the ‘Data 101’ session, discussing the fundamental role of data in the [...]

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  • Adoption Vs Execution: How Media Agencies Are Making the Most of DMPs

    Earlier this year, ExchangeWire conducted research, in association with Lotame, looking at the global adoption and use of DMPs within agencies. In this piece, we discuss high-level findings – click here to read the full report.

    The presence of DMPs within the agency ecosystem is widespread. Globally, 79% of agency-side media buying professionals use DMP technology. There is little regional variation (EMEA 76%; APAC 81%; US 80%).

    This figure can be viewed as very strong, [...]

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  • Driving Channel Value Through Audience Analytics & Attribution Modelling

    Audience analytics is vital for any advertiser looking to understand who their customers are, what influences their buying decisions, and how and where they can find more people like them. In this chapter of the serialisation of The Programmatic Handbook, published by the IAB UK, John Goulding, global head of product, Media iQ, details the types of intelligence audience analytics can gather for a marketer [...]

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  • Oracle's Laura Ipsen on Consumer Experience & Data Overload

    Oracle’s Marketing Cloud offering has evolved rapidly following a string of acquisitions over the last five years: Eloqua, 2012; Responsys, 2013; BlueKai and Datalogix, 2014; Maxymiser, 2015; and AddThis & Crosswise, 2016. In August 2016, Laura Ipsen (pictured below) moved from Oracle’s Global Industry Solutions Group (technology solutions for retail, financial services, utilities, public sector, etc.) to Oracle Marketing Cloud as SVP and general manager, replacing Kevin Akeroyd, who left the company.

    During an interview [...]

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  • 12 Things to Look for When Choosing a DMP

    If you’re looking to invest in a data management platform (DMP), it can be a daunting prospect. Available options vary wildly and fundamental to your search is understanding your goals and objectives right from the very start. Alex Sibois (pictured below), managing director APAC of leading independent DMP Lotame, provides ExchangeWire an in-depth look of the questions you need to ask of your business and your potential DMP provider to ensure you choose the right technology.

    So, you’re reviewing your options [...]

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  • Holistic Audience Targeting Needs an Integral Approach

    Marketers, particularly major retailers, are long accustomed to thinking ‘location-first’, experimenting with ideas and innovations aimed to enhance experiences by personalising information and incentives delivered to mobile devices based on consumers’ current location. It’s a mindset that has allowed these companies to wring tremendous value out of their hyperlocal business interactions and transactions, but continuing this growth in 2017 will need a new approach that goes beyond location, argues Tom Laband (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, adsquare.

    The last year has [...]

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  • Focus on Cross-Device Metrics to Drive APAC Programmatic Adoption

    Constant benchmarking, improving the quality of data collection, and connecting the dots will be essential in driving the adoption of programmatic forward in Asia-Pacific.

    With campaign tracking and ad blocking proving to be major challenges over the past year, the next development phase for programmatic must focus on improving data credibility and cross-device attribution.

    ExchangeWire spoke with several executives who stressed the need to enable “true omnichannel” and data-driven advertising in order to create connected user experiences, as well as for [...]

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  • Data Availability Can Fix APAC Lack of Programmatic Trust

    Marketers in Asia-Pacific are finding it tough to place complete trust in programmatic due to the lack of data, which can otherwise allow them to better understand the value of their customers.

    Major publishers in the region remain reluctant to share their data, resulting in fewer third-party DMPs and a lack of transparency, according to Vikas Gulati, Asia managing director at Opera Mediaworks. This challenge, though, soon may be addressed as marketers look to plug the holes and viewability becomes an [...]

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  • Deutscher Programmatic Code of Conduct; Anti-Ad-Fraud Initiative von Adjust

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH mit Schlaglicht-Interviews aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche:  Deutscher Programmatic Code of Conduct; Adjust mobilisiert gegen Ad Fraud; Neue App-Daten für adsquare; und Fünf Fragen zum Code of Conduct an Julian Simons, BVDW-Fokusgruppe Programmatic.

    BVDW ruft zur Selbstverpflichtung auf Code of Conduct auf

    Nach zweijähriger Vorlaufzeit ist es jetzt soweit: Der BVDW wagt mit seinem Programmatic Code of Conduct einen Vorstoß in die Standardisierung des Marktes. Mit Hilfe der Selbstverpflichtung will [...]

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