• Smartclip vermarktet für IP und G+J; ADITION, ADEX, Partnerschaft

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH mit Schlaglicht-Interviews aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche: Smartclip übernimmt Outstream-Vermarktung für IP und G+J EMS; ADITION, ADEX und schließen Technologiepartnerschaft; AdDefend bringt Anti-Adblock-Technologie nach Österreich; Neuzugang bei OpenX Deutschland; und Fünf Fragen an Frederike Voss, orbyd.

    Smartclip vermarktet für IP und G+J EMS

    Smartclip reißt noch mehr Outstream-Vermarktung an sich. Die RTL-Tochter konnte jetzt eine Partnerschaft mit IP Deutschland und der Gruner+Jahr Media Sales-Abteilung abschließen: Ab Januar 2017 vermarktet Smartclip für [...]

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  • Adobe Buys TubeMogul; Digital Video Advertising Strategies are Maturing

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: TubeMogul bought up by Adobe; iab Europe digital video advertising survey; Earnings for YuMe and Marin; FastPay fintech financing program; Targeted display solution by Archant; and Sizmek goes HTML5. 

    TubeMogul acquired by Adobe

    Adobe has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TubeMogul for a price tag of approximately USD$540m (£433m) net of debt and cash.

    With the acquisition of TubeMogul, Adobe hopes to [...]

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  • 5 Steps to Ensure a Secure Marketplace for First-Party Data

    The industry agrees that relevance is the jewel in the crown of effective advertising, with first-party data an important alloy to hold it all together. In this piece, Fritz Richter, CTO and co-founder, adsquare, (pictured below) looks at the requirements for a secure data marketplace and suggests five key elements.

    Advertising has become a battlefield for relevance. The rise of the empowered consumer, particularly digital natives who grew up ‘mobile-first’, has turned up the pressure on brands and marketers to deliver personal [...]

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  • Salesforce Acquires Krux; Criteo Buys HookLogic

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Acquisition news with Salesforce to buy Krux and Criteo taking over HookLogic; Guardian launches programmatic audience targeting platform; IPA champions diversity; Optimizely enables campaign experimentation; and Optimove introduces Optibot.

    Salesforce to buy Krux

    Data management specialist Krux changes ownership. New owner, Salesforce, pays the proud sum of USD$700m (£554m) for Krux, the Wall Street Journal writes. The purchase price will be paid in cash and [...]

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  • China Needs DSPs That Are Independent of Publishers

    There is much confusion muddling China’s ad tech market and shaking marketers’ confidence in programmatic, which can only be resolved with transparency and clarity about the benefits that a robust system can bring to the local industry.

    Speaking to ExchangeWire in a phone interview, iPinYou’s co-founder and CEO Grace Huang revealed that some market players were taking advantage of misconceptions and positioning themselves as DSPs or DMPs, but lacked the ability to deliver in terms of performance.

    “That’s destroying the market, [...]

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  • South Africa: Where Does Programmatic Sit?

    Programmatic has long entered the mainstream. According to latest statistics by the IAB, programmatic has been particularly successful in the mobile sphere, with 45% of display advertising in Europe traded through programmatic solutions. But what about the lesser-known markets? As European programmatic spends consolidate, a look further south, and into the African continent, reveals potential in unexpected markets.

    Take South Africa, for instance. Based on statistics by the IAB South Africa and Effective Measure, the audience in South Africa [...]

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  • News Corp Funding for AppNexus; AppLovin Sold to Chinese Investors

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: AppNexus gets funded by News Corp. and supports LinkedIn ads; AppLovin sold to Chinese investors; Google updates ad products; No data exchange between Facebook and WhatsApp in Germany; Adform and Tipico partner; and Visual IQ receives data from Facebook’s Atlas.

    AppNexus supports ads on LinkedIn & gets funding

    Two big pieces of news from AppNexus. After recently announcing that LinkedIn’s ad network is being [...]

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  • Beeswax Receive Series A Funding; Adform Make DMP Standalone

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: USD$11m (£8.2m) for Beeswax; Adform’s Audience Base DMP; Ad monetisation platform for Improve Digital; Third funding round for Meetrics; Adsquare PMP for mobile data;  Funding for Ogury; and Intelligent Optimisations becomes iotec.

    First funding round for Beeswax

    Beeswax have just announced a double-figure Series A investment round, led by Foundry Group and RRE Ventures. The funding amounts to USD$11m (£8.2m).

    With the new capital, Beeswax intend [...]

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  • Publishers See Rise in Programmatic Partnerships; Brands Need to Leverage FOMO

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Publishers see rise in programmatic partnerships; Brands need to leverage FOMO; Snapchat gaining larger social ad spend.

    Publishers see rise in programmatic partnerships

    Around two-thirds (60%) of publishers expect the number of programmatic partnerships to rise in 2016, according to new research by the Association for Online Publishing. Within this, [...]

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  • The Misnomer of the Miracle DMP

    Data management platforms (DMPs) were heralded as tools to help businesses make better sense of all the data surrounding them, But are they achieving everything they set out to? Lindsay McEwan (pictured below), VP & managing director EMEA, Tealium believes the DMP has been mis-sold. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, McEwan explains how ‘data management’ needs to become ‘data action’.

    Step right up to get your hands on the ultimate digital marketing tool. It can store all the data you’ll ever need, build [...]

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