• Bidstack Team Up with AtPlay in the Nordic Market

    Bidstack is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with AtPlay, which will see it act as a reseller for Bidstack’s suite of in-game advertising products in the Nordic market.  Bidstack has been pioneering the in-game advertising industry since 2017 and [...]

  • What's Making MENA Tick?

    We take a look at some of the biggest ad tech trends shaping the landscape in the Middle East and North Africa. With an ad tech industry worth $5.9bn (~£4.74bn) last year, and a forecasted growth of 6.2% in 2024, ultimately [...]

  • Mobile Gaming: Capitalising on the Power of Portable Play

    Set to be worth USD$470bn (~£385bn) globally before the decade is out, the gaming industry has surged in both value and popularity. In the US alone, 27% of people spend between 1 and 5 hours gaming each week, with the [...]

  • NumberEight & Adverty Partnership Skyrockets Ad Revenues by 153% Across Multiple European Markets

    In a groundbreaking collaboration that is set to redefine the landscape of mobile in-game advertising, NumberEight, a leading behavioural intelligence company, and Adverty, a pioneer in In-Play advertising, have achieved remarkable success across European markets. This partnership has introduced revolutionary [...]

  • Maximising Attention, Measuring Success: Q&A with Mark Slade, Digital Turbine

    In this exclusive Q&A live from ATS Singapore 2023, Mark Slade, MD at Digital Turbine discusses how attention has evolved into the hottest metric in ad tech and how the industry is utilising it across mobile, gaming and more. How has [...]

  • The Case for In-Game Advertising: A Perfect Storm

    Corporate email skullduggery*, an investment rollercoaster ride set to rival that of Project Exodus, a savage tussle between corporation and competition authority, and Mario. The nexus between video games and advertising has always been one to watch, and no more [...]

  • Five Reasons Why Mobile In-Game Advertising Grabs Attention

    Ahead of ATS Singapore 2023, James Rogers, VP brand sales, APAC at Digital Turbine, outlines why the mobile in-game ad format excels at capturing consumers' attention. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, mobile gaming has emerged as a powerful channel [...]

  • Bidstack & Venatus Sign Commercial Partnership for In-Game Advertising

    Bidstack, the in-game advertising and video game monetisation platform, and Venatus, the leading publisher monetisation and advertising platform for gaming and entertainment, today (August 30th, 2023) announce a commercial partnership that will give Venatus exclusive access to Bidstack’s extensive video [...]

  • Adlook & Anzu Partner to Unlock Intrinsic In-Game Advertising for More Media Buyers Globally

    Adlook is thrilled to announce its partnership with Anzu, the world's most advanced in-game advertising platform. Together, they aim to assist brands and agencies in harnessing the enormous potential of intrinsic in-game advertising through Adlook's next-generation brand growth platform. Thanks to [...]

  • Anzu & IAS Launch First-to-Market Measurement Solution to Validate 3D In-Game Media Quality

    Anzu, the most advanced intrinsic in-game advertising solution, and Integral Ad Science (IAS), a leading global media measurement and optimisation platform, have announced the launch of the industry’s first solution that measures viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) across 2D and [...]