ATS Singapore 2016

ATS Singapore 2016
4th Jul 2016
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
6 Raffles Blvd,
Singapore 039594

ATS Singapore returns on Monday July 4, 2016!

ATS Singapore remains the most keenly anticipated programmatic event in the APAC region, featuring educational content and detailed industry analysis from both regional and international perspectives.

ATS Singapore will return to the Marina Mandarin on Monday July 4, 2016 and tickets are now on sale!

Amongst other topics ATS Singapore 2016 will focus on:

- The Marketer Challenge: ATS Singapore 2015 featured the first all marketer (and all female) panel at a programmatic event. In 2016 we’ll be extending that conversation to talk about how marketers are continuing to facing the increasing complexity of marketing technology and its wider automation.

- The Cross-Device Programmatic Problem: How does the advent of people-based marketing change the narrative of digital advertising? Can those without a cross-device solution compete with Google and Facebook? Can a probabilistic cross-device solution give marketers an independent option outside the walled-gardens?

- Publishers & the One Stack Solution: Publishers are becoming increasingly focused on protecting their valuable data points in order to maximize revenue. Queue the rise in popularity of PMPs. We’ll look at publishers who are seeking and adopting a one stack solution to improve yield optimization and management and what this looks like in practice.

- Programmatic TV: Are we about to take our first steps into Programmatic TV? Are Asian TV and cable providers about to make their supply ready for programmatic buying, and if so how will that work in a linear TV world?

- Will ad blocking re-write the rules of digital advertising? Is the industry ready for a first party world? What as an industry can we be doing for the user experience and consumers? If we are heading into world fundamentally changed by ad blocking how does the industry evolve?

ATS Singapore 2015 attracted a huge audience so be sure to reserve your place today, since spaces are limited!

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