ExchangeWire on TikTok's 'Out of Phone', Scrutiny Towards Apple's Carbon Neutral Claims, and How AI is Impacting Ad Tech

On this week's episode of The MadTech Podcast, ExchangeWire's head of content John Still is joined by COO Lindsay Rowntree and research lead Mat Broughton. Together, the team discusses TikTok's new OOH offering, the EU's response to Apple's claims of carbon neutrality, and calls for AI firms to be made liable for any harm they cause to brands and marketers.

TikTok bets people will watch videos—and ads—on bigger screens (Marketing Brew)

Will this bet work for TikTok? Is there an appetite for TikTok away from the app? Should brands consider these formats as they create content for TikTok?

TiKTok are breaking out from your mobile screens with their new Out of Phone offering. The platform is bringing TikTok videos to billboards, cinemas, bars, airports and beyond.

The content will be tailored to different audiences and will be regularly refreshed “to share only the latest and most engaging” videos pulled from the app itself.

Apple's carbon neutral claims come under scrutiny - (FT)

How carefully should brands tread when boasting green credentials? Does the industry need standardisation to guard against greenwashing practices?

After Apple’s claims that its latest devices are “carbon neutral”, the San Cupertino tech giant faces scrutiny from European environmental and consumer groups.

Brussels considers the term ‘carbon neutral’ to be misleading in corporate marketing. Apple made “environmentally friendly” credentials central to its latest campaigns, including the star-studded ‘Mother Nature’ video.

AI firms must be held responsible for harm they cause - (Guardian)

How is AI impacting the marketing industry? Should it be welcome, and what caution is needed in our approach to it?

AI companies must be made liable for harms caused by their products, a group of senior experts has warned, describing it as “utterly reckless” to pursue ever more powerful AI systems before understanding how to make them safe.

One of the signatories. Professor of computer science at the University of California Stuart Russell says: “These are not toys. Increasing their capabilities before we understand how to make them safe is utterly reckless.” adding “There are more regulations on sandwich shops than there are on AI companies.”