Company details

SmartHub is one of the rare solutions that has a unique business setup practice. It is based on an individual approach, cost-efficient technology, and an outstanding supportive staff that nourishes each client by assisting in every aspect ad tech businesses might need. We are satisfied by the collaboration with SmartHub because it enabled us to create a strong advertising ad exchange that is continuously upgraded, improved, and scaled as our business develops.
— Moshe Zagrizak, Phonder
The SmartHub team is truly dedicated and provides exceptional service. The leadership is attentive and flexible, the tech team's skills are impressive, aligning seamlessly with our technology. Collaborating with SmartHub has been an inspiring journey of innovation and excellence.
— Elad Gershoni, General Manager, BiddderMob
We received great communication from the account team regarding daily operations and exceptional support overall. SmartHub put partners’ requests in a very high priority and tried their best to help our business grow. The SmartHub team helped us to find a competitive solution for expanding our business to Asia, and successfully deployed the new ad exchange in a short time.
— Claire Qiao, VP, Feeltapmedia

Company description

SmartHub company develops white-label programmatic solutions that equip businesses with individually suited technological platforms for deploying self-branded ad exchanges. Thanks to the prebuilt approach, experienced AdOps team, and extended customer care, clients receive an easy and fast ad tech market entry and payback. Over 150 companies worldwide have created and grown their profitable ad exchanges based on the SmartHub technology, top-tier ad tech products and services.