SmartHub 2.0: A Big Upgrade Brings in New Functionalities and Capacities


DEOX Soft Corp presents a new version of SmartHub White Label Ad Exchange - the software platform that enables businesses to unfold their own independent ad tech marketplaces to achieve profitable, independent, and ultimately transparent media-trading outcomes.

Connecting banner publishers and advertisers through JS tags

The purpose of JS tags is to call the ad requests and notify the browser to send them forward. In some cases, they are also used to collect the data about users who see the particular ad.

However, ad exchange owners often face difficulties with non-standard integration partners since it may require additional efforts. Knowing about this issue, in SmartHub 2.0 the team has added the opportunity to trade via JS Tags on both supply and demand sides. This means that

SmartHub 2.0 owners can now integrate DSPs and SSPs via JS tags easily as the system fully supports it. It also became possible to connect publishers directly and benefit from such integration to the fullest.

New extended analytic tools

Only deep analysis of the ad exchange can help the owners to pinpoint the potential pitfalls and the strong sides of their marketplace. In SmartHub 2.0, completely renewed statistics with preset templates will help clients work with the platform more efficiently. Presets already contain all the required metrics by default, the statistics are combined in one block. Also, with presets, SmartHub 2.0 owners can craft unique reports that include individual metrics and reflect performance on a sophisticated and personal level.

Additionally, the SmartHub team added 20 new metrics to the system such as fill rate percentage; render rate percentage; bid rate percentage; SSP and DSP RCPM; average SSP and DSP bid floor; and average SSP and DSP bid price.

More support tools to enhance traffic flow and control dropped requests/responses

The quality of the traffic in the marketplace is a defining thing that profitability can depend on. To function properly the marketplace should obtain only good quality traffic which converts into viewable impressions.

For SmartHub 2.0 the team has outlined the list of reasons why a client`s platform may not send the valid request to the specific DSP. So now SmartHub owners will be able to review the dropped requests and responses (and the reasons for it) in the "Traffic & Bids" overview and "Bid Responses Overview" in the updated "Dropped Requests & Responses" report.

Traffic throttling mechanisms and profit optimisation tool based on impressions price

QPS Adapter is a unique feature of SmartHub that marks it possible to effectively match the demand with the right supply. It`s important for the right marketplace management since it facilitates effective inventory purchasing and thus impacts entire marketplace profitability. Based on the list of targeting parameters, the QPS Adapter determines what kind of traffic each DSP bids on most frequently.

Previously, QPS Adapter would send the requests to all DSPs, in the 2.0 version the traffic will be allocated to the five best bidding DSPs, which facilitates more effective and precise traffic allocation. The new metric is now involved in the analysis of the traffic RCPM allowing the platform to increase the chances for the right match.

Unlimited filter list manager

The list manager in SmartHub is a feature that makes it possible to filter out all requests and responses that don’t meet certain requirements to create more specified and dynamic targeting.

With such functionality, the marketplace owner can block certain types of requests from SSPs so that they don’t reach the marketplace and DSPs don’t bid on them. The lists include such categories as: domains/bundles; publisher IDs; Site/App IDs; CRIDs; domains (ADM); and advertiser domains.

Exemplifying innovative advertising technologies, SmartHub empowers easy creation and set up of a well-customized proprietary SaaS-based ad platform that is fully hosted, maintained, constantly upgraded, and scaled upon request when ad business expands.

SmartHub White Label Ad Exchange

SmartHub is a white-label programmatic solution that equips companies with individually suited technological platforms for deploying self-branded ad exchanges. Its technology addresses major limitations of programmatic faced by companies that want t...
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