ExchangeWire Signing Off For 2012

ExchangeWire wishes to express its thanks and gratitude to everyone who has become part of our community. ExchangeWire is signing off for the remainder of 2012, preparing for what will be a truly transformational 2013. So take some time off, reflect and refocus.

ExchangeWire Nuggets

As a parting Christmas / Festive gift, below are some nuggets of insight from our site this year. Starting with our top 10 posts on ExchangeWire for 2012, measured by unique users and page views:

  1. 1) Retargeting Centralised: Why Agencies Should Internalise This DR Buying Function And How It Would Benefit Advertisers
  2. 2) How "Real Time" Is Your RTB Platform?
  3. 3) Criteo IPO Watch: Why The Retargeting King Will Have To Build The Ecommerce Stack Pre-IPO
  4. 4) Why An Independent Buy-Side And A Sell Side Make Sense... For Both Sides
  5. 5) It's A Mess
  6. 6) The Trough Of RTB Disillusionment
  7. 7) The Publisher Question: To RTB Or Not RTB
  8. 8) Infectious Media RTB Insight Report Summer 2012
  9. 9) Why We Are All Ad Networks Anyway
  10. 10) French Publishers Come Together: Le Collective Announces First Publisher Exchange In France

In terms of traffic growth to ExchangeWire.com we have seen on average a growth rate of circa 52%. The make up of traffic this year in terms of location is listed below:

  1. 1) UK
  2. 2) US
  3. 3) France
  4. 4) Germany
  5. 5) Australia
  6. 6) Netherlands
  7. 7) Japan
  8. 8) India
  9. 9) Sweden
  10. 10) Singapore

But looking at the largest growth rates we see a top 10 like this:

  1. 1) Russia - 354.66%
  2. 2) Italy - 214.56%
  3. 3) Switzerland - 101.45%
  4. 4) Japan - 76.12% (helped by the mid year launch of ExchangeWire.JP)
  5. 5) Spain - 75.65%
  6. 6) India - 58.34%
  7. 7) Singapore - 56.43%
  8. 8) Canada - 52.56%
  9. 9) France - 49.64%
  10. 10) Germany - 46.03%

Clearly, the countries with the largest growth rates were starting from smaller bases, but the subject of automated media and ad technology more generally is certainly taking hold in emerging markets. 2013 should definitely be the year that further International expansion is planned. Markets are ready.

We should also mention the growth of our Exchangewire Japan site, which is now a third of the size of our .com traffic - in a matter of months. The Japanese market is going through an exciting transition, and we will be there in 2013 with ATS Tokyo in June to provide a platform for the smartest people in the Japanese market.

We'll be back in January. We have new products and ventures being launched. Look out for DataBrief, the new go-to source/hub of information, commentary and analysis for data-driven marketers. And keep an eye out for WireDex, our exciting new multi-lingual global advertising and marketing tech index. For our Russian readers we will be launching a Russian language version of ExchangeWire with original content and analysis on the Russian data-driven market in the native tongue. There is much to look forward to in 2013.

Thanks for reading. See you next year.

ExchangeWire Team