Xandr and Sublime Unite on Programmatic Guaranteed High-Impact Advertising Campaigns

Today (22nd September), Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, and Sublime, a global high-impact advertising solution, announced that they are partnering to deliver Programmatic Guaranteed advertising campaigns for high-impact ad units. 

Built on Sublime’s experience with programmatic multi-device campaigns for skin formats and delivered on Xandr’s strategic selling platform, Xandr Monetise, the Programmatic Guaranteed campaign enables advertisers, media agencies, and trading desks to guarantee advertising placements for high-impact campaigns across Sublime’s network of partner sites.

Xandr’s Programmatic Guaranteed model enables buyers to execute direct reserved deals with a selection of premium publishers programmatically. PG (Programmatic Guaranteed) offers direct and scaled access to premium audiences and brand safe inventory, secure impressions at a fixed rate and drives campaign efficiency through quick set up and direct access to reporting.

By launching Programmatic Guaranteed high-impact campaigns on Xandr Monetise, Sublime allows buyers to transparently activate impactful campaigns across multiple platforms via their own DSPs.


Xandr is AT&T’s advertising company and a leader in addressable TV, creating a better solution for advertisers and media companies. Xandr is making advertising matter and more relevant. Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize, our strategic platforms b…
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