The Future of Advertising is in the Hands of Publishers


European publishers trust in alliances. For, together, they can better compete with Google and Facebook. Now is the perfect time for a new business model for publishers and Nexta.io, AI-driven digital omnichannel, helps them to achieve this.

A self-service platform is a solution that allows a successful competition with Facebook and Google because of its reach, audience, and simplicity of buying. It helps to ensure a brand safety environment for publishers and provide them with media that allows an accessible and fair media purchase. In
Denmark, we have a perfect example, as Danish publishers join forces.

Publishers are joining forces

In November 2019, TV 2, JP/Politikens Hus and Berlingske Media announced that they would begin the development of a new digital advertising platform guaranteeing Danish quality context and impact for advertisers. They invited other Danish media houses to join them - the only access requirement was that they should be registered with the Press Board, and thus take responsibility for published content and the advertising context offered on the platform.

Now the platform is officially launched, and more members have joined the association behind platform. There are six media houses behind the launch on October 1st: TV 2, JP/Politikens Hus, Berlingske Media, Børsen, Jysk Fynske Medier and Sjællandske Medier.

“With the strong participation on the Publisher Platform, we can now offer a really strong Danish alternative to Facebook and Google. Together, we represent coverage of more than 90% of the Danish population over 15 years of age. By using the platform, advertisers avoid uncertainty about where they appear - here is an easy and simple access to Danish media houses, and a guarantee to only
perform in a Danish, journalistic quality context," says Kenneth Brenøe head of digital sales and digital ad development at TV 2 and chairman of the association behind the publisher platform.

Make media purchasing easy

“The ambition for the Publisher Platform, as well as the timing for its launch, is in line with the dialogue
other publishers have across Europe.

We are proud to see the Danish market be among the first publishers to make their quality traffic available on one platform. In addition, the platform matches our ambition to make media purchases of digital ads as simple as purchase products online.” - Martin Jensen, CCO and founder of Nexta.io

A solution to the cookie challenge

Targeting on the Publisher Platform is based on contextual data from all participating media.

“Contextual targeting solves the current challenge of more and more users saying ‘no thanks’ to cookies, which among other obstacles reduces advertisers' coverage with traditional targeting quite considerably. Contextual targeting works across all devices and also for users who do not consent to cookies and profiling, which in turn strengthens the reach when buying exposure on the platform,” says Dorthe Bjerregaard-Knudsen, executive Vvce president of JP/Politikens Hus and board member of the association behind the platform.

The entire investment goes to ad purchasing

Publisher Platform is run by a non-profit association. Each participating media member continues to handle its own sales activities, with no joint sales team set up among the media houses. But they own the platform together via the association, and all requirements for quality and transparency are common.

On the Publisher Platform, every penny invested goes undiminished to ad purchases. Unlike any other platform, where the various tech fees are deducted from the advertiser' budget before exposure, the media houses here bear the technical costs.

Publisher Platform creates new opportunities in a breakup ad market. In addition to following display format standards and delivering good viewability, the set-up ensures that not a penny of advertisers' funds disappear along the value chain. It is all invested in creating effect, stresses Kenneth Bejerholm Madsen, ad director at Berlingske Media and vice president of the association behind the platform.

Conversation is happening across Europe

We also see more of these conversations occurring in other markets. We see Ozone as a leading example since 2018, when top UK publishers launched a new alliance to compete with the duopoly of Google and Facebook.

The time is now

This is the vanguard of the digital advertising market. Through the Danish Publisher Platform, media
houses can now join the cookieless future and restore transparency. It offers not only strategic clarity
throughout the development process, but also a new way of procuring advertisements. So, now is the
time for unity.


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