VDX.tv Helps Achieve 100% Viewability via CPV Pricing Model Powered by Moat by Oracle Data Cloud


VDX.tv has teamed up with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, a marketing and analytics measurement firm, to help advertisers increase the effectiveness of their online video advertising though independently verified viewability and attention measurement.

Through this collaboration, VDX.tv will work with Moat Analytics to define custom viewability metrics that set a higher threshold than industry standards and help achieve 100% viewability across mobile, desktop and instream. The ability to measure attention across trillions of ad impressions affords advertisers more transparency around digital campaigns, and it will allow them to avoid invalid traffic (IVT) and better protect their media spend.

Tim Sleath, VP, Product Management at VDX.tv, comments: “Embedding viewability into our Cost Per View (CPV) metric means our customers know that our VDX units will be able to deliver their emotionally-engaging experience in a fraud-free environment. Moat by Oracle Data Cloud has provided excellent support to tailor our demanding requirements into our creative formats”.

Oliver Hayward, product director at VDX.tv, says: “VDX.tv’s strict viewability thresholds deliver significant, inherent added value above the industry standard MRC definition of an ad being in-view. Our viewability thresholds are 5-10x more stringent, and therefore, advertisers get tremendous value from our CPV metric. Any impression that doesn’t meet these thresholds is given as free media for the brand.”

Mark Kopera, head of Product for Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, says: “Marketers, now more than ever,
want to ensure that their campaigns are seen by real people, so they can accurately measure,  analyse, and improve the impact of those campaigns. The need for transparency around viewability and attention is critical in order for advertisers to be confident in and to protect their ad spend, and we are delighted to work with VDX.tv to provide this solution for their customers.”


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