ID5 and Smart Partner to Ensure Universal ID Capabilities in a Cookie-Less Environment


Smart, the independent ad tech platform, today announces their integration with ID5, the leading identity solution for digital advertising. ID5’s Universal ID solution allows publishers and advertisers working with Smart to benefit from improved user recognition and monetisation in their programmatic transactions and prepare for a future without cookies.

ID5’s shared identity infrastructure is designed to improve user recognition in a privacy- compliant way in browsers where 3rd party cookies are blocked. In this context, this partnership allows Smart’s publishers to create and distribute a shared and privacy-compliant first party identifier - provided by ID5 - to their demand partners and advertisers directly in the bid-request. By increasing the number of addressable users, publishers leveraging the ID5 ID benefit from improved monetisation and higher CPMs. Advertisers and their agencies are able to reach their targeting objectives and deliver personalised ads to the right user, while respecting privacy and consent choices.

ID providers support is among the cookieless solutions Smart is providing to serve both its buyer and sellers. The platform offers publishers flexible tools, including an Identity Hub, to implement, manage and monitor all alternative ID providers within their stack whatever the environment. Media buyers are offered facilitated access to valuable audience data in a future without cookies.

“ID5 has built an efficient identification infrastructure that improves the ability to share user-level information within the programmatic ecosystem,” explains Arnaud Créput, CEO at Smart. “While putting privacy compliance at the heart of our platform, Smart’s aim remains to build flexible and agnostic solutions to help our customers reach their business objectives in the post- cookie world. The integration with ID5 supports this mission and smooths the way for more efficient and direct collaboration between media-buyers and sellers.”

“ID5 is committed to building a better and more privacy-compliant identification infrastructure for digital advertising. By partnering with Smart, ID5 enables more media owners to compete with the Walled Gardens by providing them with its first-party identifiers and maintaining audience addressability in cookie-less environments”, comments Mathieu Roche, ID5’s co-founder & CEO.

While both companies have been collaborating on industry issues for many years, ID5’s solution offers Smart wide coverage in its strategic markets. As ID5 is actively working on extending its offerings to the mobile landscape, Smart will be among the first companies to integrate the solution for this critical channel.