Stingray Partners with Hivestack to Power Audio Out of Home (AOOH) in Canada


Hivestack, the world’s largest, independent, programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today (29 November) announced the launch of an industry-first dynamic digital audio out of home (AOOH) partnership with Stingray, the leading global music, media, and technology provider. The integration of Stingray's proprietary streaming media player into Hivestack's suite of supply side technology, including the Ad Server and Supply-side Platform (SSP) will allow for AOOH inventory to be available programmatically for the first time in Canada.

Audio out of home is an exciting emerging new channel that reaches audiences out of the home, complimenting a diverse omni-channel marketing mix and is now supported by verified audience measurement through COMMB.  Stingray will produce and dynamically insert retail-based digital audio ads across their streaming music network, leveraging the Hivestack Ad Server and COMMB audio-specific measurement. The hyper contextually-relevant brand messaging is complementary to the shopping experience, informing consumers of products that they might be interested in while providing advertisers an undiluted share of voice within a retail environment. The result is a new AOOH channel that has the unique ability to inform, inspire and influence lower funnel decision making at point of sale. This partnership will also provide Stingray with the opportunity to monetise digital audio inventory through the Hivestack supply side platform (SSP), enhancing yield management capabilities and diversifying revenue streams.  

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO and founder at Hivestack said, “we are thrilled to be the first in Canada to facilitate audio out of home transactions programmatically, it was a natural fit to combine our technology’s precision targeting, ad serving and measurement tools with this emerging channel. Through this groundbreaking partnership we are expanding the definition of digital out of home, adding new formats and opportunities to reach audiences across the Country.”

Ryan Fuss, senior vice president global media solutions at Stingray said, “retail-based digital audio advertising can help brands reinforce their omni-channel message when consumers are shopping, literally aisles away from their products. Advertisers now have the unique ability to reach 100% composition of principal shoppers through ubiquitous, complimentary retail-based audio advertising that effectively reaches every shopper, every time. We believe that brands can help relieve consumers of decision fatigue with a well timed suggestion, just as they are reaching for the shelves. With this new partnership with Hivestack we are now able to activate location-specific digital audio advertising in real time, enhancing the shopping experience by providing contextually relevant experiences for the consumer, and greater targeting abilities for the advertiser.” 

In store grocery shopping experiences continue to be the preferred method of shopping, as seen in a recent PwC study which only further exemplifies the many opportunities to reach audiences out of the home. AOOH provides unique benefits for advertisers looking to reach audiences as they are actively making purchase decisions, it is a complimentary addition to an omni-channel marketing mix.  When accessed programmatically and enhanced through data, it allows for brands to reach audiences in retail and grocery environments with more precision and ease.


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