Brico Dépôt Campaign with Taptap Digital and JCDecaux Advances Digitalisation of OOH Media

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Ahead of ATS Madrid 2022, Taptap Digital's Emma Gold writes about how programmatic DOOH was successfully leveraged by Brico Dépôt Iberia, and how Taptap's Sonata Location Intelligence helped the company choose the right screens to reach their target audience.

Brico Dépôt Iberia is a DIY and home improvement chain belonging to the Kingfisher group with roughly 2,200 employees and 31 stores throughout Spain and Portugal. The company was looking to proactively showcase Father’s Day and home renovation offers through an outdoor campaign. The campaign dips a toe into the expanding pool of capabilities for programmatic digital out of home (DOOH), and by extension, all media channels – digital and traditional alike.

For this campaign, Brico Dépôt and Spark Foundry leveraged some of the over 430 premium digital screens in Spain provided by JCDecaux through their SSP VIOOH, with complete flexibility across dayparts and placements. They worked with Sonata Location Intelligence (LI), Taptap’s geospatial data platform, to strategically select and activate screens based on campaign goals, like proximity to stores and target audiences. The activation, executed by trading desk PM Precision, had more than 350,000 impacts, with 83% of the campaign concentrated in Madrid, Seville, Granada, and Valencia. It also covered cities including Barcelona, Valladolid, and Vitoria.

Heatmap of DOOH impressions by province from the Sonata DSP advanced reporting dashboard


We have the screens, but how can we use data to plan and buy intelligently?

Taptap offers clients like Brico Dépôt a way to not only seamlessly buy digital screens programmatically, but also, through Sonata LI, to use multivariable georeferenced datasets to determine which placements to purchase and how to customise campaign settings for each. Brands and agencies can use Sonata LI to plan and buy DOOH campaigns by searching for, analysing, and grouping screens strategically. Additionally, it has a direct connection to the omnichannel DSP for simple coordination between outdoor and digital campaigns. 


Searching for and grouping screens

Users search for screens according to their characteristics, locations, level of affinity to a target audience, or proximity to any point of interest (like store locations or even OOH billboards). With Taptap technology, Brico Dépôt and Spark Foundry identified all JCDecaux street furniture screens located near stores with high reach among their target audiences. 

Once selected, screens can be organised into groups based on any of the data points listed above. The settings for each group, including daypart, budget, and creative, can be customised to create a unique strategy per screen group. Brico Dépôt opted to coordinate certain screens with both store hours and creative assets according to audience affinities, defined by both digital and offline behaviour.

Marta Catasus, Head of Media, Brico Dépôt, says "Beyond our objective to maximise coverage among our target audience to communicate our value proposition, we are obsessed with impacting the right audience in the right moment to become more top of mind than the competition. For this reason, it is essential to us to include innovative activations such as these in our media strategy, which leverage all the capabilities advanced technology has to offer, including further refining our impact on the target audience. We work hand-in-hand with Spark Foundry on a daily basis to understand how we can use these capabilities and innovation to maximise results."


Analysing a DOOH campaign

As a one-to-many medium, DOOH can be challenging to measure, but Sonata includes advanced reporting dashboards that display a range of information — from campaign performance and delivery, to impacted audiences — all of which can be organised by location (for example, campaign impressions per zip code). Data populating the dashboard comes both from Sonata LI and suppliers like JCDecaux, who share screen data like impressions, playouts, and bid multipliers. 

DOOH impressions by postal code from the Sonata DSP reporting dashboard

DOOH impressions by screen address, venue type, and publisher


Supply and demand working together

The advanced capabilities on both the demand and supply sides make the customisation of a once static medium a reality. We can analyse the audience and geographic data around premium inventory to help brands and agencies design their DOOH plans. As buying becomes increasingly open and more competitive, the importance of making rich data-driven decisions in almost real time grows. This technology is a first-to-market tool to accomplish just that. 

Alvaro Mayol, Chief of Product & Technology, Taptap Digital, says "Early adopters of DOOH, like Brico Dépôt and Spark Foundry, get a head start on all the current and upcoming possibilities available – whether it’s screen searching, grouping, or analysis. Location ties it all together, because as long as we have a lat / long of any point to cross reference in Sonata LI, we can connect this point to not only other media channels, but also to the real and dynamic world around us, which is critical for an efficient DOOH campaign that adapts to the context. Partnering with large-scale suppliers like JCDecaux helps us to collectively offer our clients all kinds of options for their DOOH campaigns on premium, far-reaching, and versatile inventory."

José Miguel Lobo Santiago, Head of Programmatic Sales, JCDecaux Spain: "At JCDecaux, we believe that digitisation and optimisation based on data form the true revolution of outdoor media, both because of the way they change the very nature of OOH and for the growth and potential they offer. By making the message more relevant and by providing extensive reach to the programmatic funnel, technological innovation expands the capabilities of advertisers within the programmatic environment. Brands can now impact the right target audience with the right message at the right time. In this way, the same DSPs that enable advertisers to activate omnichannel campaigns also provide real time results and measurement, which make these activations more effective and noteworthy for the target audience."


ATS Madrid 2022 will take place on 11th May at Comunidad de Madrid. Tickets and further details are available via the ATS Madrid 2022 events hub.

Featured image of the campaign provided by JCDecaux