Regital & Skyrise Intelligence Complete Merger & Will Be Known as Skyrise With Effect From Today

The merger combines programmatic expertise with innovative audience analytics giving advertisers measurable data insights. It creates a real-world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media, ready for the privacy-first world.

The merger will introduce Skyrise as the lead brand and will be overseen by the co-founders Alex Petrie, Ian Vint, and Michelle Vint.

By combining Skyrise Intelligence’s market-leading real data sets and unique customer insights together with Regital’s programmatic marketing expertise, UK-based advertisers and agencies can create a unifying view of media campaigns.

Michelle Vint, co-founder of Skyrise, said: “We are delighted to have successfully completed this transaction against what is unquestionably an uncertain economic backdrop. This is not only a transformational moment for both of the previous businesses, but it is also a significant development within the UK advertising sector, creating a scaled-up business with an unrivalled view of real people.”

Paul Barnard, managing director of Skyrise, added: “Today, we have brought together two very successful businesses that are highly complementary to one another. Together they bring an incredible pool of talented professionals with a strong ethos of data-driven insight informing successful campaigns. Simplifying the businesses and coming together under one brand is a key enabler to drive our future growth. The ‘Skyrise’ effect offers advertisers and agencies a real-world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media. Powered by unrivalled data and insight.”