Meta Develops Twitter-Rival App; Google Faces Legal Action in India

In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Meta's plan to launch an app to rival Twitter revealed; India's government plans legal action against Google; and Apple restricts its employees' use of ChatGPT.

Meta to launch Twitter rival as early as June

Instagram-parent Meta is planning to release a new text-based app to rival Twitter. The app, which allows users to post up to 500 characters plus images, will be separate from Instagram, although users will be able to connect their accounts across both platforms. Meta has reportedly been testing the new app with creators and influencers for months, with the potential to launch as early as June.

Google to face legal action in India

The Indian government plans to take action against Google after regulators found that the company engaged in anti-competitive practices. India’s antitrust watchdog fined Google USD$275m (~£220.9m) last October for abusing its market dominance over Android operating systems, in addition to forcing developers to use its in-app payment system.

Apple restricts employees' use of ChatGPT

Apple Logo

Apple has reportedly restricted its employees’ use of ChatGPT and other AI tools following concerns over the risk of data leaks. The move comes as the company develops its own artificial intelligence capabilities, although CEO Tim Cook urged caution over the nascent tech. Speaking in a second-quarter earnings call, Cook stated “I do think it’s very important to be deliberate and thoughtful in how you approach these things.”

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