• Analysis: Google & Twitter Q1 2017 Earnings

    Google are triumphing right now. Despite the YouTube debacle, and resulting advertiser boycott, the company’s stock price reached an all-time peak of USD$937 on 28 April, 2017, after posting favourable Q1 2017 earnings (NASDAQ: GOOGL).

    The company saw mobile search and ongoing strength in YouTube driving ad sales higher, while sales on Google Play, hardware, and cloud grew substantially, says chief financial officer, Ruth Porat.

    The IAB’s latest digital ad market

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  • The Race Isn’t Over for Twitter

    Last week (9 February, 2017) Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) reported a net loss of USD$167m (£133.6m) (-23% revenue) in Q4 2016, and its slowest revenue growth since it went public four years ago. In this piece, we examine what has gone wrong for Twitter, and discuss the functional improvements that need to be implemented in order to re-establish Twitter in the eyes of both consumers and media buyers.

    Twitter was the second of the current four major social networks to be [...]

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  • Facebook Revenue 10 Times Greater Than Twitter

    Facebook’s average revenue per user is now USD$3.82 (£2.90); with 1.71bn monthly users, the social giant nets a cool USD$6.44bn (£4.88bn) in total revenue.

    Yesterday (26 July) Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) reported earnings for the quarter ended 30 June, 2016. Earlier this week (25 July) Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) announced earnings for the same fiscal quarter. Facebook grew revenue by 59% year-on-year (YOY), favourable compared to Twitter, that announced its YOY revenue growth sunk to 20% from 60% a year ago. 

    Facebook report [...]

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