Zeotap & TikTok for Business Join Forces to Bring Optimised Targeting to TikTok Campaigns

Zeotap Data, the fully-consented people-based, deterministic data composed of over 500 million unique IDs, announces a new partnership with TikTok for Business, the ad platform of the popular short-form video entertainment platform, TikTok. This strategic collaboration aims to enable advertisers to get better targeting reach, ensuring the best-in-class data while expanding audience capabilities for TikTok campaigns, all while maintaining utmost data privacy.

As a pioneer in data solutions, Zeotap Data has been built in Germany with a strong focus on GDPR compliance. The company's exclusive partnerships with top mobile telco operators, premium publishers and e-commerce platforms provide them with a wealth of 100% consented data, setting a high standard for data privacy and quality in the European advertising landscape. Zeotap Data employs a privacy-first approach, utilising persistent identifiers like MAIDs, hashed email addresses, and universal IDs to gain in-depth insights into app usage, cookies, and offline attributes, enabling them to develop a comprehensive 360-degree view of users. Their people-based data, supported by patented deterministic methods and advanced machine learning techniques, accurately resolves identity at an individual level, ensuring precise targeting and accurate demographic predictions. 

Integrated with TikTok, Zeotap Data enables marketers to understand their audience beyond the social profile, gain efficiency in campaigning, maintain control of data and audience definition, and improve campaign results.

Through this collaboration, agencies and advertisers  will benefit from:

  • Unprecedented Audience Understanding: by leveraging Zeotap Data it is possible to go beyond social profiles and gain a deep understanding of the target audience. This level of control over data and audience definition adds significant value, ensuring efficient campaigns with precise attributes and segmentation that align perfectly with brands objectives.
  • Consistency and Measurable Impact: Zeotap Data's rich user profiles enable agencies and advertisers to execute consistent, measurable campaigns across programmatic and social channels, yielding enhanced campaign effectiveness and a higher return on investment.
  • Improvement of Campaigns Outcomes: by activating Zeotap Data, agencies and advertisers can have access to attributes beyond the social profile gaining efficiency in campaigning through the application of unique audience assets. 
  • Customer Segmentation: Zeotap Data will replicate the customer personas of  the advertisers’ existing customer segmentation applied to programmatic and social campaigning. This will allow activation across multiple channels through a managed data service.

“Zeotap Data enables agencies and advertisers to develop a comprehensive 360-degree view of users. Our people-based data, supported by patented deterministic methods and advanced machine learning techniques, resolves identity at an individual level, ensuring precise targeting extended to TikTok using persistent identifiers.” says Matt Bennathan, SVP at Zeotap Data.

“This partnership upholds data privacy while empowering agencies and advertisers to achieve exceptional campaign performance.”"TikTok for Business is thrilled to join forces with Zeotap Data to enhance the advertising experience on TikTok," says Puru Mehta, global product marketing manager for audiences at TikTok. "This partnership marks a significant step in providing advertisers with a deeper understanding of their audiences, ensuring campaigns that resonate and deliver exceptional results."


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