"We are just starting to see what is possible": Lemma's Ryan Pestano on curation and Programmatic DOOH across APAC

Following his panel appearance at ATS Singapore 2023, Ryan Pestano joined ExchangeWire for an exclusive Q&A. In this discussion, Lemma's chief product officer outlines the trends shaping APAC, how curation can enhance OOH advertising, and the benefits of a data-driven approach to OOH campaigns.

How can curation prove an effective tool in an OOH environment?

In programmatic DOOH – and for that matter any emerging ad formats such as audio and CTV – curation can play a big role in supporting new data and processes that are not yet widely available on DSPs. This is especially the case with new and niche data sources and metrics typically on the supply side, such as more granular impression multipliers and environmental contextual data, which can be used to curate more specific and effective inventory that better suit the advertiser's needs. Curation can also serve as a way to increase operational efficiencies of buyers by curating inventory and data from multiple media owners and data providers into a single package that can be more easily executed.

What are the most significant changes you've seen across the industry in APAC recently? How are the upcoming changes to identity and targeting being approached in the region?

Ryan Pestano, chief product officer, Lemma

I believe that, for the most part, the industry in APAC is mirroring global trends with identity and growth drivers, such as CTV and Retail Media. However, we are seeing more market specific solutions and adaptations rather than using more established solutions from global vendors. Retail Media has experienced tremendous growth in APAC recently, mainly driven by larger retailers leading the field with more home grown custom solutions for their onsite offerings. 

Similar to the rest of the world, there is still a lot of fragmentation and a 'wait and see' approach to the upcoming changes in identity and targeting in APAC. There are local CDP companies that have gained some traction in the region to help address these upcoming challenges.

Is there enough understanding across the industry of the power of OOH, and what the data driven approach offers?

I think we are just starting to see what is possible with programmatic DOOH and there is still a lot of education, testing, and innovation to be done in APAC and globally to fully realise the power of a more data driven approach to OOH. But we’re definitely moving in the right direction in APAC, for example the Outdoor Media Association in Australia just released a world-first audience measurement system, which will lead to greater accuracy in reporting. Savvy brands are already using programmatic DOOH as part of their omnichannel marketing strategy and we expect this adoption to increase sharply as this emerging channel evolves.

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