Opti Digital Announces Partnership with Snack Media a Sports Monetisation Partner

Opti Digital, a pioneering ad tech company known for its cutting-edge advertising solutions driven by artificial intelligence, is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with Snack Media, the world's leading digital media monetisation company. 

Snack Media owns and operates more than 25 brands in various verticals, including entertainment, sports, technology, automotive, gaming, and travel. This new collaboration is designed to enable the media group to increase audience engagement through an innovative and profitable advertising format. 

As challenges multiply for media publishers, on audience retention as well on the ad-supported business model, it is essential to focus on profitable ad formats while protecting the user experience. That's why, in 2022, Opti Digital unveiled its next-generation advertising format, Opti Engage. Inspired by social media, this innovative format accurately predicts attention rates on each IAB ad unit and bids accordingly. Brands preferably invest in these highly viewable and high ROI curated ad inventories, Opti Digital format anecdotally ranking within the top 3 demand partners.

For Hector Morales, general manager at Snack Media: “Snack has always been strong in the UK market, however as we started our expansion into Europe we had been looking for additional demand partners in the region. A few months into our partnership, we're already seeing promising results in terms of revenue across Western Europe and the United States. We are very satisfied with the way the ads are displayed: we value the new ad experience we offer to our users while respecting the website layout.” 

"We are very pleased to partner with an emblematic media group like Snack Media," expressed Magali Quentel-Reme, co-founder and CEO at Opti Digital. “This partnership demonstrates that Opti Digital is highly capable of bringing value to media publishers and supply partners not only in Europe, but also in the United Kingdom and in the United States. We optimise ad revenues thanks to innovative technologies that take into account their different objectives, such as generating more income while protecting their users.”

Opti Digital

Opti Digital, a French company established in 2018, provides media outlets with innovative advertising solutions based on artificial intelligence. Its distinctive solutions prioritize web performance, user experience, and revenue optimization, enabli...
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