• Premium Content is More Important than Ever: Q&A with Richard Reeves, MD, AOP

    With fraud, ad blocking, dwindling yield, and transparency issues knocking on their doors, premium publishers are having a tough time at present. These challenges aren’t insurmountable, but will require collaboration if publishers are to overcome them, with a focus on premium content. Speaking exclusively with ExchangeWire, Richard Reeves, managing director, AOP, explains why. 

    ExchangeWire: What are the top-three concerns for premium publishers, at the moment?

    Richard Reeves: Although efforts to mitigate ad blocking are having an impact, this remains one of the top [...]

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  • Advertising Is Top Revenue Source for Mobile Publishers; Rewarded Ads Increase In-App Purchases

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Advertising makes up 56% of mobile publishers’ revenue; In-app spend fuelled by rewarded ads; and Influencer campaigns on the rise.

    Advertising is top revenue source for mobile publishers

    AdColony’s Publishing Survey finds that advertising now accounts for 56% of total mobile publisher revenue. Combined, video, display, and native ads rake [...]

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  • What is SPO & Why is Everybody Talking About It?

    If you work for an agency trading desk, programmatic buying unit, or client trading desk you are already doing it; if you work for an SSP, you will be responding to RFPs about it; if you are a publisher, you are asking what impact this is going to have on increasing yields and fill. So what is supply path optimisation (SPO) and why is this new acronym going to feature heavily on ad tech panels in the coming months? Writing [...]

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  • Mobile Advertising Revenues Topped €63bn in 2016; Mobile Outperforms Desktop

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Global mobile ad revenues continue to rise; Mobile outperforms desktop; and Mobile games revenues trends.

    Mobile advertising growth continues unabated

    The IAB Europe looks back on the last couple of years and finds that global mobile advertising revenues topped €63bn (£55.9bn) in 2016. Since 2015, mobile ad revenues had risen by 60.5% [...]

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  • 2017 Predictions for the Progression of Publisher Monetisation

    2016 has truly shown how dynamic an ecosystem the digital advertising industry is. There have been highs and lows, but it has certainly been memorable. In a series of features reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to what we can expect in 2017, ExchangeWire invite over 100 thought leaders from across the industry to share their views. In the latest series instalment, experts predict how publishers will maximise revenue generation in 2017.

    Publishers need to maximise data [...]

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  • Five Key Areas Publishers Must Focus on to Maximise Video Revenue

    Publishers face big choices as they seek to maximise revenues from their video content in 2017. In this ExchangeWire exclusive, Ryan Afshar (pictured below), VP of media partnerships, Videology outlines five key areas.

    Publishers have been having a hard time. As consumer behaviour transforms for the digital age, they find themselves playing technology catch-up with their advertiser and agency customers. The publishers are under-armed and facing better-equipped rivals.

    The scale of competition from Google and Facebook is unprecedented, together these ‘new’ market [...]

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  • Publishers Need to be Mobile Ready – Whether They Like It or Not: Q&A with Phil Barrett, SVP & GM, Purch

    Publishers don’t have an easy ride; and with so much to navigate in a constantly changing digital environment, the challenges they face become greater and more pronounced. How can publishers win in a world where Facebook and mobile apps seem to rule the roost? ExchangeWire speak with Phil Barrett (pictured below), SVP & GM, Purch, about where publishers should place their focus to achieve success in the long term.

    ExchangeWire: How should publishers approach their relationships with walled gardens, such as Facebook? [...]

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  • Header Bidding Will Become the Normal Integration Standard: Q&A with Natrian Maxwell, OpenX

    At ATS New York, Natrian Maxwell (pictured below), director of demand services, OpenX, delivered a keynote speech on header bidding and the road to success through programmatic direct. ExchangeWire caught up with Maxwell after the event to delve into the detail of the keynote.

    ExchangeWire: Header bidding has put the industry in a situation where the publisher’s ad server is responsible for programmatic decisioning – what challenges does this present?

    Natrian Maxwell: This shift in programmatic decisioning really identifies some of the [...]

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  • Publishers Are Still Struggling to get a Fair Deal in the Programmatic Environment

    At IAB Engage in October, the IAB’s Display Trading Council released their latest programmatic handbook, featuring trends and insights from experts across the programmatic industry, providing an update to how the industry has evolved since IAB UK launched the previous handbook in 2014. ExchangeWire are serialising the content, kicking off with an overview of the size of the sell-side market from Gareth Shaw, VP programmatic operations EMEA, Pulsepoint, featuring comment from Rubicon Project, Amobee, and Guardian News & Media.

    Prior to programmatic, [...]

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  • Publisher Co-ops in Southern Europe: Q&A with Marco Guglielmin, CRO, Zodiak Advertising

    Each market has a different approach to programmatic buying and selling and markets less often heard about, such as Italy and Spain, have very different methods from the UK or France when it comes to publisher monetisation. Marco Guglielmin (pictured below), chief revenue officer, Zodiak Advertising, explains the publisher trends he is seeing in Southern Europe, the rise of the publisher co-op and the growth of the multi-SSP approach.

    ExchangeWire: What growth journey have Zodiak been on since starting in Italy four [...]

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