Appodeal & AppHarbr by GeoEdge Announce Partnership to Elevate Mobile App User Experience

Appodeal is a growth platform that transcends ad mediation to empower mobile app publishers to help mobile game publishers maximise monetisation efforts. The partnership between Appodeal and AppHarbr by GeoEdge enhances publishers’ ability to rely on Appodeal by closing the gaps in ad quality and security by providing seamless user experience and full control over unwanted ads. 

AppHarbr safeguards the mobile app experience by proactively preventing intrusive, inappropriate, or malicious ads. AppHarbr’s proprietary SDK enables real-time detection of problematic ads, focusing on ad content, security, and behaviour. AppHarbr successfully identifies issues like unskippable interstitial ads, ads that can’t be closed, and disruptive ads that vibrate, take over browsers, or play sound even on mute. These controls give AppHarbr’s partners a distinct advantage over competing platforms like ironSource, AppLovin, or Google AdMob. 

The collaboration empowers publishers with complete power over unwanted ads, ensuring an unparalleled user experience. AppHarbr will be a valuable new tool in Appodeal’s arsenal that will alleviate publishers’ pain points, thus enhancing client retention and acquisition. 

Alex Yerukhimovich, head of AppHarbr, explained, “The big winners here are Appodeal’s publishers. Both AppHarbr and Appodeal share the same values of putting users first and ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. I’m delighted about this strategic partnership that will boost the immense value both companies bring to their publisher partners.”


GeoEdge offers ad quality and security solutions for Web, In-App, and CTV. It covers the entire ad experience—ad security, content, and quality to refine the user experience. Filter and replace off-brand, offensive, unwanted, or competitor ads. ...
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