Teqblaze Announces Membership in the IAB Tech Lab as part of its Expanding Strategic Partnership to Advance AdTech 

Teqblaze, an innovative full-service white-label advertising technology provider and developer, today (19th March, 2024) announces joining the IAB Tech Lab as a partner. The purpose of joining is to take an even more active part in testing and developing new advertising technologies, share feedback in closed groups of market leaders, and participate in improving the global AdTech market features to expand and enrich the industry.  

Teqblaze’s membership in the IAB Tech Lab is part of its broader strategic initiative to expand partnerships and alliances within the AdTech industry. Teqblaze aims to accelerate innovation, streamline operations, and deliver superior advertising solutions to industry participants worldwide by leveraging the expertise and resources available through the IAB Tech Lab.

Anastasia-Nikita Bansal, CEO at Teqblaze: “For us, membership in the IAB Tech Lab is an important technological partnership, we are grateful for the trust and proud to join the historic process of market development. From the beginning, we strived not only to join the community but to become its active members with extensive involvement in working groups and thematic events. The Teqblaze team set out to expand its strategic partnership in AdTech, boosting both to remain among the leaders and to participate in building a new industry landscape. Soon we will announce several new partnerships intended to improve the programmatic advertising business for the direct players and customers. Investing in security, privacy, and improved ad experience on the one hand. And optimisation, increased audience engagement, and growth in revenue on the other.” 

As a member of the IAB Tech Lab, Teqblaze will gain access to valuable resources, including research, technical specifications, and working groups focused on developing cutting-edge solutions and addressing key challenges facing the digital advertising ecosystem.

The Teqblaze team declares the following priority areas of research and technology development for the foreseeable period of involvement in the working groups.

  1. Google Privacy Sandbox. Everything related to the technology that Google offers as a full-cycle solution for replacing third-party cookies in targeting, customer base building, and performance metrics tracking. 
  2. Supply-path optimisation (SPO). Supply chain management practices that allow engaging more demand-side partners, guided by an ethical approach to RTB bidding, to improve performance. 
  3. AI and ML. The experience of leading experts in the field of programmatic for streamlining trading and server load through dynamic optimisation models with machine learning features. As well as the use of third-party and custom AI solutions to improve targeting technologies, including best practices for performing contextual intelligence and clustering. 

By joining forces with the IAB Tech Lab, Teqblaze aims to contribute to developing industry standards and further its mission to enhance the efficiency of digital advertising solutions.


Teqblaze specialises in delivering white-label advertising platforms to companies that want to run independent programmatic businesses. DSP platform for buying advertising space and earning money by providing trading access to other companies; and SS...
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