AlgoriX Partners with HUMAN to Battle Ad Fraud & Improve Inventory Quality

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company that operates a global AI-powered exchange providing monetisation and advertising solutions to publishers and advertisers and HUMAN Security, Inc, the global cybersecurity leader in protecting enterprises by disrupting bot attacks, digital fraud, and abuse, today (March 27th, 2024) announced a new strategic partnership to safeguard AlgoriX and its clients. This partnership protects AlgoriX from programmatic ad fraud and ensures that only quality inventory reaches real humans across their CTV, and mobile, supply. 

Programmatic ad spend continues to grow and is expected to reach USD$383b (£303.4b) worldwide by 2025 making it imperative for ad tech platforms to prioritise their efforts in preventing ad fraud and ensuring high-quality inventory. In response to the escalating sophistication of industry-wide fraudulent activities, AlgoriX strategically adopts HUMAN’s Programmatic Ad Fraud Defense to provide post-bid detection to counter evolving threats and fortify the company's protective measures. This partnership empowers AlgoriX with in-depth technical analysis and actionable insights to help maintain its marketplace quality and provide fraud protection for its clients to ensure trust in programmatically traded media.

“At AlgoriX, we prioritise our customers and believe trust is critical in digital advertising. We’ve partnered with HUMAN to remove sources of fraud and ensure publishers and advertisers can spend media dollars with confidence,” said Frederic Liow, revenue growth & strategy SVP at AlgoriX. "We also greatly value industry insights provided by Satori threat intelligence and research teams through their investigations, providing our team with unique details into how malicious threat actors exploit the advertising supply chain, further deepening our confidence in our mutual partnership and relationship that we’ve fostered between HUMAN and AlgoriX."

Since deploying HUMAN’s solutions, AlgoriX has seen:

  • Within the first 30 days of implementation, IVT rates dropped to below 1% for its clients transacting programmatically 
  • In-app spend increased by 40% due to higher inventory quality
  • 30% increase in CTV revenue from brand advertisers looking for accredited and trustworthy CTV sources

“HUMAN is excited to partner with AlgoriX to support their mission of protecting inventory quality and transparency for publishers and advertisers,” said Apurva Joshi, chief product officer at HUMAN Security. “As a global media and ad tech company, AlgoriX's partnership with HUMAN will increase marketplace trust across supply partners, maximise inventory value, and protect revenue by ensuring ads reach real humans.” 

To learn more about the Human Defense Platform and how it protects digital businesses, read more here.


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