UK & US Enter AI Safety Partnership; Musicians Sign Open Letter Against Irresponsible AI; ITVX Announces Record Quarter

On today’s news digest: UK & US Enter Formal AI Safety Partnership; Musicians Sign Open Letter Against Irresponsible AI; ITVX Announces Record Quarter

Amid growing concerns around AI’s potential risks, the UK and US have announced a partnership on the science of AI safety. With a collaborative effort they will develop AI model testing, planning to carry out at least one joint testing exercise on a publicly accessible model. Both have also expressed the intention to work on developing similar partnerships with other countries with the objective of promoting AI safety. 

Concerns related to AI are also growing among individuals in the music industry: a group of 200 musicians has signed an open letter which calls on tech companies and developers to not undermine human creativity with music generation tools. The letter states: “When used irresponsibly, AI poses enormous threats to our liability to protect our privacy, our identities, our music and our livelihoods.” The artists who have signed the letter include Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, and Katy Perry, among many other widely known names.  

Meanwhile in the TV streaming landscape, ITVX has reported a record quarter. The service amassed 896 million streams in Q1 2024, increasing by 12% from the first quarter of 2023. With 328 million streams, January broke the record for the service’s highest number of streams ever gained in one month; February followed closely behind with 322 million streams. 

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