EMARKETER Selects Adelaide as the First Attention Measurement Company to Enrich Its Platform with Attention Metrics

Adelaide, the industry leader in attention-based media quality measurement, has been selected by EMARKETER to supply attention benchmarks to its renowned research platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing media quality transparency, as Adelaide becomes the first attention measurement company to enrich EMARKETER with attention data. 

By providing access to global attention benchmarks across 14 channels and platforms, Adelaide empowers marketers worldwide to make smarter media investment decisions based on precise insights into media quality.

At the core of Adelaide’s channel benchmarks lies its omnichannel metric, AU, which predicts the likelihood of attention and outcomes for any media placement. Adelaide’s machine-learning model combines hundreds of media quality signals to generate AU ratings, including exposure, eye-tracking, and outcome data. Adelaide consistently trains its models using full-funnel outcome data to ensure AU ratings are highly predictive of outcomes and normalised across channels.

Based on an analysis of over 11 million monthly placements (representing more than 173 billion impressions) across 1,000 global campaigns, Adelaide’s global benchmarks help marketers compare media quality across channels and identify opportunities to reallocate campaign traffic. 

For advertisers seeking deeper insights, Adelaide provides further breakdowns of AU ratings at the device type, format, and placement level. Integrations with most leading DSPs and SSPs simplify the optimisation process for Adelaide clients, enabling them to improve performance at scale. Adelaide's annual analysis of 45 case studies underscores the impact of AU measurement and optimisation, showcasing an average 40% upper-funnel lift, 53% lower-funnel lift, and 37% cost savings. 

This collaboration with EMARKETER follows Adelaide’s recent launch of Flight Control, a pre-planning tool designed to pinpoint the optimal level of media quality required to achieve campaign goals consistently. Flight Control harnesses trillions of data points, including Adelaide’s channel and vertical benchmarks, and insights from past correlation studies, including 12 types of full-funnel outcomes, to provide recommended AU targets for more efficient campaigns. 

Visit EMARKETER to explore Adelaide’s omnichannel AU benchmarks.


Adelaide is a leader in the rapidly growing field of evidence-based media quality measurement. Adelaide’s attention-based metric, AU, helps advertisers make better media investment decisions. AU is an omnichannel metric that evaluates thousands of ...
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