Google Considers Charging for AI-Powered Search; New York Times to Adopt External Attention Measurement Metric; Nvidia and Indosat to Build $200m AI Centre 

On today’s news digest: Google Considers Charging for AI-Powered Search; The New York Times to Adopt External Attention Measurement Metric; Nvidia and Indosat to Build $200m AI Centre

Google is considering charging for new premium features – this move would mark the first time the tech giant charges for enhancements to any of its core services/products. Reportedly, Google is looking at options including adding AI powered search features to its premium subscription services. Google began testing an AI powered search service last May, but has been slow to incorporate any of these features into its main search engine – these are more costly to maintain, as they consume more computing resources.  

Meanwhile, The New York Times is partnering with Adelaide, a company which uses eye-tracking data to gauge whether readers are paying attention to ads. The publisher began using its own proprietary attention metric last year, but this will be the first time it adopts an external attention metric. The eventual objective is to tie attention metrics to advertisers’ campaign performance, explains the publisher’s executive director of audience strategy.  

In the APAC region, Indosat – the Indonesian telecommunications firm – will be collaborating with Nvidia to build an AI centre in Indonesia worth USD$200m (£158m), reports a government official. The facility will be built in Surakarta, a city in the Central Java province. 

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