Artificial Intelligence

  • AI & Advertising: Measurement of the Future

    AI is slowly creeping into all aspects of our lives – retailers are introducing chatbots, stock market shares are traded algorithmically, and driverless cars are in the final testing stages. We’ve already seen programmatic trading change the ad industry completely in the last few years. The next big leap in technology, writes Emi Gal, CEO of Teads Studio, exclusively for ExchangeWire, will make every brand message interactive and personalised, with brands relying less on talking to huge audiences, but instead [...]

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  • AI Plugs Human Errors & Lets Marketers Focus on Quality

    Left to run autonomously, marketing platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can avoid mistakes humans make. Rather than fear it, marketers should leverage this to better focus on producing value-added quality. AI marketing systems could watch and analyse consumers’ digital journeys, and decide the best way to spend media dollars, says Naomi Simson, co-founder of Australia’s Big Red Group (BRG).

    Describing AI as the ability to read and learn from data and adjust outcomes, she said AI-powered marketing systems enabled the [...]

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  • Deep-Learning Algorithm Crucial in Retargeting APAC

    As consumers visit different shops and compare offers across various platforms before making their purchase decisions, marketers will need to turn to solutions that can help them analyse patterns and identify correlations.

    The answer here lies in ‘deep-learning algorithms’, which will be increasingly critical in enabling merchants push relevant messaging to their targeted audience in the region, says Jakub Ratajczak, RTB House’s Asia-Pacific regional director. Pointing to the retargeting vendor’s internal research, he notes that deep-learning algorithms could push up [...]

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  • Demystifying AI & Neuroscience: What You Need to Know if You’re an Advertiser

    AI is quickly becoming the new buzzword in advertising, but there is more to AI than just machine learning, the most talked about aspect in the AI family. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Gregory Yates (pictured below), CMO, RICG, explains the basics of AI, the importance of neuroscience, and how marketers are starting to use AI to bring the future into the reality of today’s advertising.

    AI – everyone’s talking about it, but what is it, really? There are a slew [...]

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  • Redefining the Millennial Brand Experience

    How can marketers best reach the millennial generation? Rocket Fuel’s UK commercial  director, Joel Christie, explains how artificial intelligence can fix the failings of outdated marketing to meet and exceed the expectations for generations to come.

    The digital economy is by its nature real-time and on-demand; and this has created a culture in which immediate gratification has become the norm. The modern consumer is used to getting everything they need quickly – whether it be a taxi, take away, or directions to [...]

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  • Indian Marketers Can Solve Content Challenge with Machine Learning

    Marketers in India struggling to produce content that appeals to consumers should look at data analytics and machine learning for clues.

    These tools play a crucial role in personalising customer experience, says Gulshan Verma, Times Internet’s chief revenue officer. They enable marketers to determine the best time and format to roll out and optimise communication with consumers, he explains in this Q&A with ExchangeWire.

    ExchangeWire: Last we spoke, you said Times Internet’s use of programmatic was still limited, with single-digit [...]

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  • Shared Responsibility Needed to Make APAC Programmatic

    All parties with a stake in the Asia-Pacific ad tech industry are responsible for ensuring programmatic delivers the value it promises and ad content quality must remain the focus for marketers.

    Together, this would ensure consumer experience is optimal and brands get the most returns on their ad dollar, said delegates at this year's Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum in Singapore.

    During a panel discussion at about the region's programmatic landscape, focus inevitably centred on [...]

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  • What Is AI Doing for Programmatic? Q&A with Sophie Light-Wilkinson, Rocket Fuel

    What do we really mean when we talk about AI? ExchangeWire speaks with Sophie Light-Wilkinson, senior director of marketing, Rocket Fuel, about how AI transcends everyday lives and what it is doing for the future of programmatic marketing.

    ExchangeWire: As consumers are becoming more and more aware of AI, what is their general attitude towards it? 

    Sophie Light-Wilkinson: While the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’ may prompt fear in some people’s minds – perhaps preconditioned by Hollywood and sci-fi dramatisations of malevolent robots – [...]

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  • Advertisers Benefit from Local Data Expertise & Cross-Country Consistency: Q&A with Paul Martin, Xaxis EMEA

    What does the changing face of data signal for the future of advertising? Are advertisers maximising data and how is it being utilised differently from market to market? What role will AI play? Paul Martin, vice president analytics and insight, EMEA, Xaxis, discusses this and more with ExchangeWire.

    ExchangeWire: How is the way data is being utilised throughout Europe evolving?

    Paul Martin: More data is becoming available throughout Europe to help plan and target advertising. I have also seen increasing recognition by [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Shouldn't Regard Data As a Panacea

    While data can drive campaign goals, marketers sometimes just need to rely on good intuition and judgement, tapping analytics instead to help them make better decisions.

    They also should practise some restraint when deciding the types of tools to deploy, according to Elissa Fink, chief marketing officer of Tableau Software, which specialised in developing data visualisation and business intelligence tools.

    “With all the possibilities technology enables us to do these days, some companies get so wrapped up in trying to make it [...]

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