Greenbids & The GoodNet Unite to Integrate Ethical Metrics in Programmatic Advertising

In an industry-first move, Greenbids, the frontrunner in AI-driven sustainable advertising solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with The GoodNet, the ethical intelligence company. This collaboration is set to revolutionise the programmatic advertising ecosystem by integrating The GoodNet's GoodIQ Ethical Media Index into Greenbids's custom algorithm, facilitating advertisers and agencies in making more responsible, sustainable and ethical media buys.

Greenbids, headquartered in Paris and expanding globally, offers unparalleled AI optimisation across the programmatic value chain, serving advertisers, SSPs, and publishers worldwide. Its mission to transform digital advertising into a force for environmental sustainability is now further empowered by The GoodNet's expertise in ethical media.

The GoodNet is renowned for its data driven approach to helping advertisers achieve their campaign performance and ESG goals by using ethical media. Their GoodIQ intelligence tool evaluates publishers and content creators on a range of ethical and sustainability metrics via its Ethical Media Index. This partnership aims to leverage these insights, enabling Greenbids to refine its algorithm to prioritise ad placements in media environments that deliver advertising performance while meeting high ethical and sustainability standards.

Empowering ethical advertising with GoodIQ: By integrating The GoodIQ Ethical Media Index, Greenbids enhances its capability to offer advertisers and agencies a nuanced approach to programmatic buying. This collaboration ensures that ad spend not only achieves optimal engagement and efficiency but also supports media platforms committed to positive social and environmental impact.

The goal of this partnership is clear: to drive incremental revenue for publishers that are a positive force in the world while providing advertisers access to responsible and impactful advertising opportunities. Whether dealing with large media owners or small independent publishers, this initiative promises to build businesses that contribute to the greater good.

A commitment to ethical and sustainable media: This partnership represents a significant step towards a more ethical and sustainable advertising landscape, where advertisers can confidently invest in media that aligns with their values. Through the GoodIQ integration, Greenbids and The GoodNet are setting new industry standards for responsible advertising.

Guillaume Grimbert, CEO of Greenbids, stated, "Integrating The Good Net's Good IQ index into our algorithm is a game-changer for the industry. It aligns perfectly with our mission to promote the ESG framework with media efficiency in digital advertising, enabling our clients to make more informed and responsible media buying decisions."

Guy Jones co-founder of The GoodNet, commented, "Our partnership with Greenbids is a testament to our shared vision for a more ethical digital industry. Both our companies are committed to helping advertisers achieve better campaign performance while doing good in the world. This partnership enables brands to optimise their campaigns towards ESG metrics and have robust results to measure the impact.”


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