• Uber’s Subscription Launch Is a Glimpse of Direct-to-Consumer Brands’ Future

    When Uber launched a new subscription service earlier this month, it joined a long list of digital brands that have sought to drive long-term loyalty using a subscription model. Whilst 'Uber Ride Pass' is currently only being trialled in five [...]

  • Knowing Your Retail Partners – Q&A with E Fundamentals

    Picking the right retail partners is a challenge faced by every brand. Invest too much in the wrong channel, and risk heavy losses, while the right channel can be a long-term, sustainable source of sales. Here, John Maltman, CEO, E [...]

  • Shopping on Social: Q&A with Shopify

    The way we research products is changing, with shoppers spending more time examining products through social channels. This has created an opportunity for brands to sell their products on the same platforms, making the buying process as simple as possible. [...]

  • The Power of Couponing; Millennials Turning to Online Reviews

    RetailTechNews’ weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world. In this week’s edition: The Power of Couponing; Millennials Turning to Online Reviews; and An Eggcellent Easter. The power of couponing Nearly two-fifths of US grocery shoppers have [...]

  • Amazon’s Private Labels Set for Breakthrough; Amazon Merchants Creating Trade Association

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  • Leveraging POS Data to Improve CX – Q&A with JD Sports & TruRating

    With the news the JD Sports has joined forces with TruRating, RetailTechNews spoke to both parties about the partnership. In this piece, Wayne Davies, retail director, JD Sports and Georgina Nelson, CEO, TruRating, discuss how the store is improving customer [...]

  • Weekly Focus: Alibaba Eyes Further Expansion of Physical Stores

    This week, Alibaba has announced plans to expand its network of Hema supermarkets with another 30 locations in Beijing, up from the current five. Scheduled to open by end-2018, the new physical stores would beef up deliveries for some 1.5 [...]

  • Why Data Is the Future of FMCG Retail

    Across the globe, offline FMCG retail and e-commerce are on a collision course to create a new converged reality. Amazon’s multibillion-dollar acquisition of Whole Foods is leading the charge, with Alibaba's investment in Indian grocer Bigbasket likely to be in [...]