ATS Singapore 2018


Day 1 – Programmatic Ad Tech & Martech Insights

9.00am: The State of the APAC & Global Programmatic Market 2018
– Rachel Smith, COO, ExchangeWire

9.10am Panel: The Marketer’s Dilemma
Outline: A strategic perspective on data management and execution from a marketer’s perspective
– Wendy Hogan, CX & Marketing Strategy Director, Oracle and Marketing Society Board Member
– Arun Kumar, Head of Digital Marketing, Carousell
– Oliver Lo, Head of Marketing, GrabFinancial, Grab
– Sandeep Agarwala, Lead Paid Search and Audiences, APJ, Cisco

9.40am: Panel – A New Era in the Convergence of Martech & Ad Tech
Outline: Much has been made of the convergence between Ad Tech & and Martech over the last few years, but how do agencies, consultancies, and technology providers need to evolve their skill sets to service clients’ requirements in this new age?
– Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content, ExchangeWire
– Yiorgos Hadjiandrea,Head of Media Buying Solutions, South East Asia, Google, DoubleClick & GA360
– Michel de Rijk, Global Chief Growth Officer, GroupM
– Jess O’Reilly, Regional Sales Director, Marketing Cloud, Asia, Salesforce
– Michael Rehfeld, Principal of Operations, Accenture

10.10am: Keynote Presentation – More Than Just Hype: Making Sense of AI and How It Can Help Grow Your Brand
Artificial Intelligence is spoken about every day in our industry, but what is it’s relevance in advertising and marketing, and what does it truly mean to your business?
– Konrad Feldman, Co-Founder & CEO, Quantcast

10.30am: Panel – The Future for Data Management & Execution
Outline: What are the opportunities for advertisers, in the management and execution of data, particularly in the context of increased data privacy measures? How can brands continue to make best use of their data, to build and connect audiences?
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire
Alex Sibois, Managing Director APAC, Lotame
– Josephine Tan, Global Media Director, Digital Acceleration and Activation, McDonalds
– Kevin Clapson, VP International Expansion, MiQ
– Sunil Naryani, Head of Performance and Programmatic APAC, iProspect

11.00am – BREAK

11.30am: Panel – Why the Opportunity for Digital Publishers Has Never Been Greater
Outline: Beyond publisher monetisation in 2018, what are the latest opportunities for the sell-side of the industry, from a technology perspective? How are technology tools actually being implemented by publishers, what impact are they having across the industry? Do they have the capacity to fuel industry growth?
– Eileen Yu, APAC Editor, ExchangeWire
– Jason Barnes, Chief Revenue Officer, PubMatic
– Dr Choakchai “Kim” Eaimrittikrai, Group Director: Online Business & Ticketing, BEC-TERO Entertainment PLC.
– Mark Halliday, CEO, Omnicom Media Group Performance, APAC
– Matt Moore, Revenue Director, Kaidee

12.00pm: Adform Keynote Presentation – Trust and Transparency: The New World Order of Programmatic
Adform’s recent experience with uncovering Hyphbot allows us to share with you how it is possible for tech vendors to identify and protect against fraud. It is an attempt to remind people that in an industry that is fairly complex, it is critical to keep things simple.  
– Holger Mews, Chief Revenue Officer, Adform
– Sukesh Singh, VP APAC, Adform

12.20pm Panel: Thriving in a Programmatic World
Outline: How does the industry support and encourage independent technology solutions, in a bid to promote a healthy and diverse ecosystem? How possible is this, in the current industry environment, and where will we see opportunities and innovations emerge?
– Jodie Collins, MD, RE/digital
– Russell Young, Managing Director, APAC, Sojern
– Mitch Waters, GM, AU/NZ, The Trade Desk
– Phil Townend, CCO APAC, Unruly
– Yean Cheong, Head of Programmatic Asia Pacific, Cadreon

12.50pm – LUNCH

2.00pm: Keynote Presentation & Fireside Chat – The Opportunities and Obstacles of the Madtech Marketing Revolution
Outline: Madtech promises a new marketing world where you can truly master & orchestrate the customer journey to deliver an intelligent, contextual and unified brand dialogue. It blends the best of the Ad Tech and Mar Tech worlds. But Ad Tech and Mar Tech live in parallel universes and were designed for different purposes.
– Susan Salop, Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe
– Meyrick D’Souza, Product Marketing Manager for the Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe
– Ng Yeong Chen, First Vice President, Group Channels & Digitalisation, Digital Solution, United Overseas Bank Ltd

2.20pm Panel: Mobile Programmatic & The Missing Opportunity
Outline:  Mobile has long been considered a dominant channel throughout parts of the APAC market, promising a lot of potential for growth and innovation, but where is the real opportunity here, and will brand spend enter the mobile space, at scale?
– Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content, ExchangeWire

Rakhee Patel, Head of Demand Partnerships, APAC, MoPub
– Vincent Niou, Senior Programmatic & Partnerships Director, APAC, Essence
– Jonathan Mackenzie, Managing Director, Publicis Media Precision

2.50pm: Keynote Presentation: Storytelling in a Programmatic World
Outline: How do we ensure that brands make their stories not just well told, but also well heard? How advertisers should look to buy attention at scale, through programmatic advertising, by better aligning with purposeful content.
– Thomas Simpson, Director, Video Strategy and Publisher Acquisition, Oath

3.10pm: BREAK

3.40pm: Panel – Connected TV: How is the SE Asian Market Evolving its Strategy?
Outline: Connected TV crosses over into all devices that are internet enabled – mobile, desktop, and TV. To what extent are these devices seen as CTV channels in SEA, and what is the adoption like across the region? Is this still an untapped opportunity and when we will see budgets shift from traditional TV to these emerging channels?
– Eileen Yu, APAC Editor, ExchangeWire
– Gavin Buxton, Managing Director Asia,
– Dr. Won Baek, CEO, Anypoint Media
– Matt Harty, SVP Asia, The Trade Desk

4.10pm Fireside Chat – The Brand View of Programmatic
Outline: A brand perspective on programmatic and it’s strategic value, the role of the agency and tech vendor, and what transparency really means to brands.
– Ranji David, Director – Asia Pacific, Marketing Services, WFA
– Rohan Kamra, Regional Digital Marketing Manager – Asia Pacific & Japan, Intel

4.30pm: Panel – Online Video: The Untapped Brand Opportunity for Programmatic
Outline: Can data driven video buying help brands scale and build brand equity? Will this be seen as an area of growing opportunity across the APAC region, and if so how will issues of fraud and transparency be dealt with?
– Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content, ExchangeWire
Sean Ter, Regional Strategy Director, Innity
Christian Guinot, Senior Vice President APAC, Teads.tv
– Abhishek Grover, Business Director, Global Client Solutions L’oreal, Wavemaker

5.00pm: Closing Fireside Chat: Beyond Walled Gardens and Duopolies – Moving the Conversation On
Outline: What is the next phase of maturity for the Ad Tech and Martech industry? How do we, as an industry, ensure continued innovation, diversification, and growth? What are the various parts of the industry doing to contribute to this – from the sell side, to the buy side and the tech solutions in between?
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire

– Leigh Terry, CEO, APAC, IPG Mediabrands
Silas Lewis-Meilus, Senior Director, Center, Excellence Engagement Lead
– Niraj Nagpal, Director of Business Development, APAC, IPONWEB
– Jodie Sangster, CMO Liaison Lead, IBM

5.30pm: ATS Singapore Networking Party

Day 2 – The Economics of AdTech & MarTech

10.00am Opening Fireside Chat: Where is the Money? Opportunities in AdTech & MarTech in 2018 and beyond.
– Jeff Green, CEO, The Trade Desk
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire

10.20am Panel: Regional Deep Dive
Outline: What does the programmatic and data-driven advertising and marketing market-place look like across the SEA region, in particular? Do challenges here differ from the rest of the APAC region and what can the SEA market-place learn from experiences elsewhere?
– Jodie Collins, MD, RE/digital
– Agnesia Ekayuanita, APAC Programmatic Lead, BBC
– Moch Rifki, Business Marketing, Kompas
– Sanket Sasane, Associate Director – Performance & Programmatic, APAC, iProspect
– Florent Davach de Theze, Programmatic Lead – APAC, Havas Media

10.50am Fireside Chat: The Analyst Perspective –  An Asian View of the Future for Advertising & Marketing Technology
Outline: Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content for ExchangeWire in discussion with Graham Brown, of AsiaMattersInstitue.org and AsiaTechPodcast, on why we are entering The Asian Century and what opportunities this presents the advertising and marketing technology industry both here in Asia, and globally.
– Graham Brown, AsiaMattersInstitue.org & AsiaTechPodcast
– Lindsay Rowntree, Head of Content, ExchangeWire

11.10am OpenX Fireside Chat: The Flight to Quality – How and Why the Programmatic Industry is Rallying Together to Improve Digital Advertising
A conversation on raising quality standards in ad tech to bring clarity and trust back to the entire media supply chain and ensure a sustainable future for digital advertising.
– Jason Fairchild, CRO, OpenX
– John Gentry, President, OpenX
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire

11.40am – BREAK

12.00pm: What’s Cooking in the Lab
12.00pm – Fireside Chat: Global Innovation From IAB Tech Lab
Outline: What are the latest innovations happening globally, in industry standards? Hear from IAB Tech Lab, looking to roll out their US activity to global market places.
– Dennis Buchhiem, SVP & GM IAB Tech Lab
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire
12.20pm: Innovation Showcase – Accelerating automation and scale at CtrlShift
Outline: What is the real value that intelligent software can bring to brands grappling with digital advertising and programmatic? Is the answer in creating a connected, API-based ecosystem? At The Lab, CtrlShift’s R&D Unit, the team are currently tinkering with answers to some simple yet deceptively complex questions:
– To what extent can you automate campaigns?
– Can we scale campaigns up or down without human intervention?
– Can we automate optimisation?
– Ganga Chirravuri, Chief Technology Officer, CtrlShift

12.40pm: SMX Fireside Chat 
– New World Publisher Partnerships
– Jodie Collins, MD, RE/digital
– Jennifer Chase, Singapore Media Exchange
– Su-Lin Tan, Senior Vice President, Sales Strategy & Operations, Singapore Media Exchange
– Hari Shankar, CEO, Singapore Media Exchange

1.00pm Panel: The Adventures of Blockchain – An Application in Digital Marketing
Outline: How blockchain can evolve transparency and data use in the digital advertising ecosystem.

Daryl Arnold, Founder, Ocean Protocol / Chairman, DEX in conversation with Eileen Yu, APAC Editor, ExchangeWire

1.30pm Closing Networking Lunch


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