Ad Tech Evolution: Audigent on Mastering Curation in 2024 and Beyond

"If curation is the answer, then what is the question?"

In this special MadTech Podcast episode, we attempt to answer the question of what exactly curation is, and why it will be such an important component for ad tech in 2024. As the industry seeks to improve the efficiency of the digital advertising sector, could curation address existing issues concerning a lack of transparency and increasing complexity?

Audigent's president, Greg Williams and co-founder and CTO, Matt Griffiths, sat down with ExchangeWire's COO, Lindsay Rowntree, to talk about the evolving importance of curation across the entire ad tech supply chain, and what will it take for the industry to fully adopt it as an integral part of business strategy.

To read more about curation, check out ExchangeWire's Curation Hub, in association with Audigent.