Introducing The MadTech Daily Podcast from ExchangeWire AI

Our new AI-powered, daily podcast launches today. Find out more and listen to the first episode below, and read our take on the media’s AI future.

Today, we’re launching the MadTech Daily podcast; your daily two-minute dose of media and marketing news from ExchangeWire AI. The Daily will bring our daily Digest feature to life, delivering all your essential industry news into your podcast feed every morning, making sure you’re always in the know.

AI: the opportunity

The MadTech Daily is an AI production, but is created from the work done by the ExchangeWire editorial team, and is checked and edited before launch. 

Much discussion has been had, and will continue to be had, about the role AI has to play in the future of the media industries. For every bullish ‘automate everything’ leader, there’s a skeptic railing against the end of human creativity. We don’t yet know where the truth lies, but from our perspective what AI does offer is an opportunity. The rapidly advancing tech is a tool to be harnessed to boost scale and efficiency, but requires a guiding hand to ensure quality, accuracy and integrity.

Embracing the future

Ad tech has long used AI in a variety of foundational aspects, and the buzz around the possibilities across all aspects of our industry is palpable. We’re excited to be taking this initial step into the future, and hope you enjoy the results.

The MadTech Daily is available on your usual podcast feed, good podcast platforms, and embedded in our newsletter and across our social media each day.