We teamed with IAB Tech Lab to host a game-changing webcast, delving into the evolving landscape of privacy-centric technologies in the advertising industry in the APAC region.

Featuring Lindsay Rowntree, COO, ExchangeWire, Shailley Singh, EVP Product and COO, IAB Tech Lab
Hillary Slattery, Director Programmatic, Product, IAB Tech Lab, Paul Luckett, Head of Ad Tech and Commercial Innovation, News Corp Australia and Timmy Bankole, Director, Advertising Business Operations, South China Morning Post, this webinar sees IAB Tech Lab present the findings from their Privacy Sandbox Fit-Gap Analysis, followed by a panel discussion, which covers:

- Potential challenges and opportunities of Privacy Sandbox
- How Privacy Sandbox impacts the industry
- The changes IAB Tech Lab would like to see made to the sandbox
- How Privacy Sandbox will impact publisher yield and the types of publishers which will be most affected
- What this means for the future of the open marketplace
- How publishers can prepare and mitigate any negative impacts