AlgoriX Joins Prebid.org to Provide Publishers with More Efficient Monetisation Solutions

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company, becomes a community member of Prebid.org as part of the company’s push for greater industry collaboration and transparency. In doing so, AlgoriX makes it easier for publishers to use header bidding solutions to further increase their revenues.

At present, most major publishers use prebid as their main open-source header bidding wrapper. Part of the reason it has become highly preferred is its capacity to maximise revenue and improve performance by addressing the poor efficiency of the waterfall method commonly used in ad serving.

When header bidding started, however, many of the players lacked coordination and cooperation. By becoming a member of Prebid.org, AlgoriX joins an industry-wide initiative to simplify and standardise the header bidding process, thus encouraging efficiency, fairness, and transparency in unified auctions and offering greater monetisation opportunities for publishers.

“AlgoriX is pleased to join Prebid.org as its community member. With this header bidding solution, we provide publishers with an efficient and unbiased monetisation opportunity. Through this, we aim to help publishers generate greater yield and move away from the traditional waterfall model to a truly unified auction where multiple demand sources can compete on a fair and level playing ground, while not relying on a single SSP,” says Frederic Liow, senior vice president for revenue growth & strategy at AlgoriX.

In turn, Prebid chairman Garrett McGrath adds, “Prebid.org is excited to welcome AlgoriX as a new member. We are looking forward to any innovation or subject matter expertise AlgoriX can contribute to the Prebid community, especially in the areas of in-app and/or CTV/OTT environments.”

As a Prebid.org community member, the AlgoriX adapter is now available on the Prebid Server. Currently, AlgoriX supports both mobile web and in-app ads as well as the various ad formats, including display, video, banner, and native.


AlgoriX is an independent global media and technology company. Backed by investments from top international venture capitalists, its core team is equipped with years of experience from global leading internet and ad tech companies. Through our team...
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