Permutive & Prohaska Consulting Unite in an Exclusive Partnership to Supercharge Data-Driven Revenue Growth for Publishers

Permutive, the audience platform that helps premium publishers grow data-driven revenues, today (April 24th, 2024) partnered with Prohaska Consulting, the leading global digital consultancy, to offer unparalleled digital business transformation and technology solutions. 

This collaboration will offer access to an acclaimed data platform, winning commercial strategies, and expertise in data transformation, fuelling substantial growth for premium publishers and their advertisers. 

Permutive's Audience Platform revolutionises audience targeting and insights, resulting in a 2-10x greater reach and a 4x increase in data-driven ad revenue for its customers. Paired with Prohaska Consulting's deep industry expertise, publishers gain access to vital resources and a suite of services tailored to seize opportunities in an evolving digital landscape.

This partnership ensures publishers have resilient, enhanced data strategies in the face of data privacy changes and the demise of third-party cookies. It also improves audience addressability to maximise yield and enhances campaign performance to grow advertising revenue. 

"This partnership is a game-changer for publishers," says Joe Root, CEO and co-founder at Permutive. “By combining Permutive's patented, cutting-edge technology with Prohaska Consulting's experience in driving commercial results through optimisation, we’re providing publishers with crucial tools and expert guidance to thrive amid regulatory shifts and the chaos of third-party cookie deprecation."

Prohaska Consulting's team of seasoned ad tech and martech practitioners is unique to the market, offering hands-on expertise across all facets of the industry. The company’s access to hundreds of experienced operational executives ensures publishers can receive tailored support at every implementation stage from strategy to execution, streamlining their path to success.

"Permutive and Prohaska Consulting bring a combination of software and service that is rare in today’s rapidly-changing martech landscape," said Matt Prohaska, CEO and principal at Prohaska Consulting. "Together, we provide publishers with a turn-key solution that includes both technology and talent to drive data-driven revenue growth and confidently navigate today’s industry challenges."

In an industry where transformation is paramount, the Permutive-Prohaska partnership provides a ready-to-be-deployed solution for advanced targeting that uses innovative, new technology and proven revenue-driving expertise.


Permutive is built on the core principle of responsible marketing, which includes privacy, consent and transparency. Its responsible web infrastructure empowers publishers and brands to responsibly activate audiences without any third-party access to...
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