• The Consultancy is Additive to the Marketer/Agency Relationship: Q&A with Wayne Blodwell, The Programmatic Advisory

    Wayne Blodwell (pictured below), founder and CEO of The Programmatic Advisory, speaks with ExchangeWire about the service layer, the changing relationships between agencies and marketers, and the impact of the increasing prevalence of consultancies on these relationships.

    ExchangeWire: You’ve recently set up a consultancy to help marketers navigate the programmatic landscape, but your background is from the agency world. What experiences led you to go down this road?

    Wayne Blodwell: I was really fortunate that, whilst I was at iProspect [...]

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  • Consultancies Have Huge Opportunity in Programmatic, But Only If They Buy These Ad Tech Companies

    Consultancies have been busy acquiring creative agencies and leveraging their existing end-to-end relationship with clients to build market share in digital marketing. Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, and McKinsey are all building internal capabilities to attract more business from brand marketers.

    Creative seems to be a focus for much of their activity thus far – where, presumably, fat consultancy fees can be charged to clients. Media buying has not really had a lot of interest for ad land’s new competitive set – but [...]

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