Content Ignite Launches AI Dynamic Floor Pricing for Publisher Ad-Revenue Optimisation

Content Ignite, the publisher-first advertising technology and monetisation platform, has unveiled its latest AI-powered solution, Dynamic Floors, helping global publishers to optimise ad revenue effectively.

As a result of the increasingly complex programmatic environment, publishers are demanding more automated control and transparency on pricing strategies. Content Ignite’s Dynamic Floors solution shifts the power back to publishers, giving them the necessary tools and flexibility to maximise ad revenue through dynamic and adjustable floor prices. 

Based on advertiser demand and market conditions, Dynamic Floors enables publishers to adjust the minimum bid for each ad impression based on audience, URL’s, browser, device, and geo-location. The solution offers an alternative to hard floors and Google Optimised Pricing rules, reducing the risk of revenue fluctuation and enhancing revenue from the likes of Google AdX, Prebid, and Amazon Publisher Services.

“Our beta testing has produced promising results, with averages between 10-20% uplift in revenue.” said James Hanslip, chief executive officer, Content Ignite. “Dynamic Floors distinguishes itself through its advanced AI algorithms and real-time optimisation capabilities, offering unmatched flexibility for publishers seeking to gain more control over their on-page monetisation strategies. We are always at the forefront of publisher needs, assessing their challenges and offering tailored solutions to support them in growing ad revenue and staying competitive in the digital advertising landscape.”

Additional features of Dynamic Floors include; audience segmentation allowing publishers to personalise pricing and reach for higher bids from advertisers within core segments, and seasonality adjustments based on trend analysis using machine learning and AI. 

Content Ignite

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