• GDPR Misconceptions; Consolidated Ad Fraud

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: GDPR misconceptions; Consolidated ad fraud; and State of marketing automation.

    GDPR misconceptions

    Almost three-quarters (72%) of UK marketers either cannot answer, or incorrectly list, the necessary conditions to meet GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements for ‘opt-in’ consent, finds research by Mailjet.

    With less than a year to go [...]

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  • CtrlShift Rebuke Market Players Who Oversell, Tout Own Integrated 'Hub'

    Adtech players who claim to have silver bullets should be prepared to demonstrate their products are original and able to function as claimed.

    Rene Menezes, who is co-founder and sits on the board of directors at CtrlShift, says that, while many of these tools can get the job done, their capabilities are overstated and do not match up to how they are pitched. In a LinkedIn post last month, Menezes says as much: “I call bullshit on several players in [...]

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  • 'Cost Per Second' Takes Viewability to the Next Level: Q&A with Paul Kelly, Parsec Media

    What is a cost-per-second buying model and what value can time-based buying offer an advertiser? ExchangeWire speak with Paul Kelly (pictured below), recently appointed as commercial director, UK and EMEA, Parsec Media, about his new role and the growth and the trajectory of growth for time-based buying, as the industry continues to battle with viewability challenges.

    You were recently hired as commercial director, UK and EMEA – what does your role entail?

    Right now my role is [...]

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  • Focus on Cross-Device Metrics to Drive APAC Programmatic Adoption

    Constant benchmarking, improving the quality of data collection, and connecting the dots will be essential in driving the adoption of programmatic forward in Asia-Pacific.

    With campaign tracking and ad blocking proving to be major challenges over the past year, the next development phase for programmatic must focus on improving data credibility and cross-device attribution.

    ExchangeWire spoke with several executives who stressed the need to enable “true omnichannel” and data-driven advertising in order to create connected user experiences, as well as for [...]

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  • What Marketers Should Know About Programmatic Ad Buying in 2017

    2016 saw some powerful new trends begin to emerge for programmatic marketers, presenting both new opportunities and obstacles. While data continues to be the cornerstone of transacting programmatically, most buyers are still too reliant on commoditised third-party data and need to do a better job utilising it. Programmatic creative became a popular topic this year; but, in reality, it was not being utilised at scale even though the enabling technology was (and is) available. Ad tech has created an abundance [...]

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  • Indian Marketers Not Investing Enough to Make Programmatic Work

    Advertisers in India are unwilling to try new tools and set aside sufficient budget in programmatic, which may prevent them from getting the results the ad platform can provide.

    They also need to realise that programmatic is more than a trading platform, says Vertoz’s founder and CEO Ashish Shah. In this industry byliner, Shah writes about the need for marketers in the country to gain a better understanding of programmatic and how they can make the ad tech platform work for [...]

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  • Traditional APAC Publishers Have No Choice But Go Programmatic

    Hesitant to change the way they traditionally sell media, publishers in Asia-Pacific lag behind other regions in adopting programmatic. They are coming around, though, as they move from a print to a digital business.

    The region still lacked quality inventory, with publishers here falling behind in leveraging programmatic, said Adform chief revenue officer Jay Stevens.

    While every major publisher in the UK had been advancing with programmatic as a channel, Asia-Pacific publishers had been more reserved with the way they [...]

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  • Programmatic in Deutschland wächst; Teads vermarktet Spiegel Online

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH. Diese Woche: Programmatic in Deutschland auf Wachstumskurs; Teads übernimmt Outstream-Vermarktung von Spiegel; Adblock-Rate in Deutschland sinkt; und Deutsche Unternehmen misstrauen ihren Mediaagenturen.

    Programmatic in Deutschland wächst 51%

    Zwischen September und Oktober 2016 wurden insgesamt 31 Digitalexperten aus Deutschland und der Schweiz im Rahmen von Experteninterviews und imAuftrag des BVDW und des IAB Schweiz befragt. Das Ergebnis der Befragung von Repräsentanten der Agentur-, Werbeauftraggeber- und Publisher-Seite: Programmatic in Deutschland ist in der Konsolidierungsphase [...]

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  • Facebook Updates Metrics & Reporting; LiveRamp Buys Arbor and Circulate

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Facebook updates metrics and reporting; LiveRamp buys Arbor and Circulate; IAB and ISBA cooperate on mobile buying handbook; Snapchat IPO is coming; More lift with Rich Media; Spotify and WPP announce partnership; Widespace’s new ad platform; Protected Media’s anti-ad-fraud solution; and European viewable completion rates analysed by TubeMogul. 

    Facebook update on metrics and reporting

    Criticism on Facebook’s lack of transparency has prompted the company to [...]

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  • Publishers on Programmatic in Finland

    According to statistics from earlier this year, programmatic advertising is really taking off in Finland. Looking at ad sales from December 2015, the Association of Finnish Advertisers found that 75% of advertisers engaged in programmatic buying of ads. Sounds like good news for Finnish publishers, who have eventually come together to form an alliance to expand their reach and take control of programmatic transactions: Sanoma Corporation, Alma Media Corporation, Otavamedia, Aller Media Oy, A-lehdet Oy, MTV Oy, KSF Media, Kaleva365 [...]

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