• Politely Interruptive Ad Formats: Time-Based Advertising Explained

    Campaign measurement using time-based metrics is becoming increasingly popular; but is it still largely misunderstood? ExchangeWire speak with Perry Papadopoulos (pictured below), VP of engineering and product, Parsec, who explains why time-based advertising is so effective, and how to make a success of it.

    You’d be hard-pressed in 2016 to find a more popular digital advertising metric than time, and for good reason. The amount of time that someone spends with an advertisement is likely the strongest indication of impact, relevance, [...]

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  • Travis Johnson, Head of Cadreon Australia Discusses The Cadreon Launch

    Travis Johnson is Head of Cadreon Australia. Here he talks about the launch of the Cadreon online performance platform, the benefits of being DSP agnostic and how data integration and sharing between DSP’s allows them to leverage first and third party data sources for advertisers.

    He also shares results from ZUJI, Hyundai and L’Oreal and discusses how Cadreon is driving 20% – 30% increased performance, while in some cases, also delivering higher value customers and larger average purchases.

    Can you give [...]

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  • Peter Mycock, Managing Director, Criteo Australia Discusses Criteo’s Australian Expansion, Scalable Personalised Retargeting & Increasing Publisher’s Yield

    Peter Mycock is Managing Director for Criteo Australia and is spearheading Criteo’s expansion into the Australian market. Here he discusses how Criteo’s personalised retargeting offering is really an expansion of search and how the integration with both Kenshoo and Marin allow advertisers to manage both search and acquisition through one interface.

    He goes onto explain how Criteo increases publishers yield and says in some cases pays rates which compete with premium campaigns. He also forecasts video to become the largest [...]

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