TIME Exclusively Partners With Taboola Leveraging Newest Offering “Taboola Turnkey Commerce”


Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, today (February 14th, 2023) announced Taboola Turnkey Commerce, a new turnkey offering that gives premium publishers the ability to create trustworthy content that attracts shoppers and helps them make great purchase decisions. This offering connects readers who trust publishers’ editorial content with thoroughly tested and reviewed products and services.

Taboola Turnkey Commerce launches with a new partnership between Taboola and TIME, the essential destination for storytelling on the issues that matter. Reaching a combined audience of 100 million globally across all platforms, TIME has chosen Taboola Turnkey Commerce to exclusively manage its new platform for product and services review-driven content. Aimed at helping audiences make the best choices for decisions they care about, the platform, which will be created by Taboola and hosted on TIME.com, adds to TIME’s longstanding usage of several Taboola offerings, including Taboola Feed.

“Audiences come to TIME for content they can trust about the decisions that matter most to them,” said Jessica Sibley, CEO of TIME. “Taboola’s comprehensive data on reader intent and their understanding of the type of content that actually gets readers interested and invested made them the best choice for this new partnership.”

According to eMarketer, more than 60% of publishers are turning to e-commerce as a top revenue source, while similar independent research shows 87% of publishers noting commerce content is a contributor to their revenue.

With Taboola Turnkey Commerce, publishers can easily leverage an expert verticalised editorial team to produce dedicated original content, such as product and service review roundups, tutorials, and how-to guides, for their websites. These content pieces benefit from Taboola’s unique data on reader intent, based on anonymous contextual signals from more than 590 million daily active users, as well as relationships with retailers as part of the acquisition of Connexity. By tapping into this massive dataset and producing content that can lead to purchases, Taboola Turnkey Commerce adds a reliable revenue source for publishers to easily activate.  

Advertisers benefit from Taboola Turnkey Commerce by having their products and services placed organically, where the editor has independently determined that it is helpful for users, within trusted editorial content and where readers have high intent to purchase. These placements leverage Taboola’s deep understanding of the correlation between what readers discover in the open web, and ultimately buy, based on readership trends at a massive scale. Taboola Turnkey Commerce also deepens Taboola’s commitment to performance marketing, offering commission-based pricing models that strengthen its partnership with advertisers.

Taboola Turnkey Commerce comes on the back of Taboola’s commitment to the e-commerce space, with the acquisition of Connexity a year ago, expanding its reach and impact in what industry forecasts show as a US$35bn (£28.6bn) e-commerce market.

“Users need a trusted source to give them advice on things they care about as they make important decisions in their life, and this is a huge opportunity for publishers and the open web”, said Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola.
“Taboola Turnkey Commerce gives publishers a big way to tap into ecommerce, by leveraging their trusted editorial voice and creating product recommendation-driven content that keeps readers coming back. TIME, a must-read destination for millions of people globally that has always shown its commitment to innovation that benefits readers and advertisers, is the ideal launch partner for this new offering."

“In a future where consumers are home, making decisions about products and services, they need an alternative to Amazon, so they can know what to buy and who to buy it from. People will be buying from the open web in the future and I believe a third of publishers’ revenue on the open web will be from e-commerce," continued Singolda.


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