• Data Fragmentation Is the Biggest Challenge: Q&A with Tijs van Santen, Impact Radius

    The amount of data in and around advertising is staggering. But when that data comes from a multitude of sources, and is fragmented within various systems, how can a marketer properly use that data to make the best decisions for their campaigns? Tijs van Santen (pictured below), CRO, Impact Radius, talks about the importance of clean data, goal alignment, and the challenges that martech companies face around attribution.

    ExchangeWire: Who is Impact Radius and what problems do you solve for [...]

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  • Inside Basware’s Customer-First, Data-Driven Marketing Revolution

    B2B companies are often overlooked when it comes to performance marketing. They’re seen as slow-moving enterprises that stick to traditional marketing campaigns with beginning, middle, and end points. Ceri Jones, VP global demand generation & marketing operations, Basware, proves otherwise – B2B companies can, and are, embracing change and adopting performance-driven marketing with aplomb.  

    The power has shifted

    Today’s buyers are online, sourcing the information they need when they need it and, as a result, the complexities of [...]

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  • Google’s Latest Crackdown on Interstitial Ads: Will Publishers Have to Rethink Their Revenue Model?

    It seems that Google’s latest changes to their mobile search regulations, and the penalties that come if you fail to adhere, have just been announced. It was not so much a fanfare, but more a whisper, writes Oliver Gold, commercial director, YOC. For those of you who are unaware what’s going on, and let’s face it why wouldn’t you be, Google have just announced changes in the way you are allowed to run ads across mobile sites. [...]

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  • Getting Ahead of the Game: Why & How Publishers Should Use Header Bidding

    The top priority for publishers today is maximising revenue from their ad inventory. Techniques such as header bidding are making this possible; and while the concept itself isn’t brand new, adoption is on the rise as more publishers begin to realise its monetary potential and value, writes Nilesh Dhawale, senior product manager, RhythmOne.

    Take The Telegraph as an example. The publisher has recently announced plans to quadruple their programmatic staff count, thanks to the success of header [...]

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  • Oracle's Laura Ipsen on Consumer Experience & Data Overload

    Oracle’s Marketing Cloud offering has evolved rapidly following a string of acquisitions over the last five years: Eloqua, 2012; Responsys, 2013; BlueKai and Datalogix, 2014; Maxymiser, 2015; and AddThis & Crosswise, 2016. In August 2016, Laura Ipsen (pictured below) moved from Oracle’s Global Industry Solutions Group (technology solutions for retail, financial services, utilities, public sector, etc.) to Oracle Marketing Cloud as SVP and general manager, replacing Kevin Akeroyd, who left the company.

    During an interview [...]

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  • Marketers Must Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making: Q&A with Per Pettersen, CEO, Impact Radius

    The advertising industry is not without its challenges. And marketers can have a tough time grappling with these challenges alongside maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. Per Pettersen (pictured below), CEO of Impact Radius, which acquired fraud detection platform Forensiq in June 2016, speaks exclusively with ExchangeWire about how brands can overcome these challenges, how the industry is tackling fraud, and how Impact Radius is evolving as a business.

    ExchangeWire: What do you believe to be the greatest challenges faced by marketers [...]

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  • Placebo Ad Testing Should Be the Basis for Any Display Campaign: Q&A with Nick Reid, UK MD, TubeMogul

    Placebo ad testing is often a fundamental, yet staid, element of any campaign optimisation strategy. It’s a tried and tested method for determining incremental lift against control groups, yet can often be complicated, costly, and time consuming to set up. ExchangeWire speak with Nick Reid (pictured below), UK MD, TubeMogul about their recent launch of Ad Swap, a new tool designed to improve the measurement accuracy of placebo ad testing and broaden the scope of control groups.

    ExchangeWire: TubeMogul [...]

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  • Act Smarter to Win in a World of Reduced Visibility

    A growing number of advertisers and their agencies are looking for 100% guaranteed viewability, as latest research confirms millions of pounds-worth of ad spend is being wasted because less than half of online ads in the UK are viewable. But, as Attila Jakab (pictured below), managing director, Infectious Media writes, those brands most effectively overcoming the viewability challenge are doing so through subtler and more innovative strategic thinking.

    According to IAB recommendations, an ad is viewable when 50% of that ad is [...]

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  • Making the Conversion: Opening Up the 97% of Prospects on your Website

    On the whole, 97% of browsers of a commercial website don’t convert. This of course depends on your industry and your own structure, but the fact of the matter is, the majority of people who visit your website do not convert and buy something. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Alice Travers (pictured below), Customer Success Manager, DMP, Experian explains how to turn a prospect into a conversion.

    This is a concern for the marketing tech world. It’s not [...]

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  • Independent Measurement is Critical for Advertiser Confidence: Q&A with Imran Khan, xAd

    Digital attribution implemented and utilised successfully is oft talked about, yet seldom seen. Are we, as an industry, starting to take measurement seriously and utilise the data we have at our fingertips effectively? Imran Khan (pictured below), head of programmatic, xAd, explains to ExchangeWire that measurement and attribution have come a long way and we are seeing success across many areas, but the best is hopefully yet to come.

    ExchangeWire: The advent of digital marketing was supposed to solve all the [...]

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