Sparteo Reports 30% Growth in First Half of 2023 Amidst Sluggish Online Advertising Market

The first half of 2023 witnessed varied performances in the ad tech sector, with Sparteo emerging with notable figures. In a recent statement on LinkedIn, the company's leadership provided insights into their operations and performance in a generally tepid online advertising market.

Central to Sparteo's organisational culture is the principle of continual growth and evolution, one of its highlighted six pillars. This drive is evident in their pursuit of betterment both in terms of professional development and client service.

Despite market challenges, Sparteo revealed a 30% growth for the initial semester of 2023, emphasising that this was achieved while maintaining profitability. Additionally, the company alluded to not yet operating at its full potential, suggesting room for further growth.

Sparteo's primary vision is to furnish publishers with a comprehensive suite of ad tech tools. Their aim is to grant publishers greater control over multiple aspects of their operations, including sites, data management, audience engagement, and inventory monetisation.

Their suite, underpinned by investments in artificial intelligence and infrastructure, seeks to establish a direct relationship between advertisers and publishers. As a result, Sparteo claims their solutions have led to an average increase of 30% in earnings for their clientele.

Sparteo's recent communications indicate the company's trajectory toward solidifying its position in the ad tech landscape on a global scale.

The company's statement concluded with a note, hinting at upcoming announcements and developments. 


Sparteo is the one-stop shop for publishers looking to regain control over their websites, audiences, data, and inventory monetisation. Sparteo has developed a dedicated technological suite for publishers, consisting of four solutions: Actirise (Disp...
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