• Ex-Fintech Engineers Launch New Native SSP: Q&A with Simon Gilbert, CEO, Patrius

    There’s a new native SSP in town and it’s been built by ex-fintech engineers. Still working with beta partners, but launching imminently, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Simon Gilbert (pictured below), CEO, Patrius, who draws the many parallels between ad tech and fintech, explaining why there is a need for an independent native SSP in the ecosystem and what Patrius will bring to the table.

    ExchangeWire: Your background is in investment banking technology. What prompted you to move into the world [...]

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  • When a Hack Becomes Mainstream: Facebook Trial Header Bidding

    When is a hack no longer a hack? When the likes of Facebook get involved. As first mentioned by The Information, Facebook are looking to test header bidding. The behemoth is entering the fray to challenge Google’s DoubleClick and expand its Audience Network. ExchangeWire ask industry experts to weigh in. 

    Header bidding has been around for a couple of years and during that time has gone from zero to hero among many publishers. In fact, a report suggests 70% [...]

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  • Do Go Chasing Waterfalls – As Long As They're Automated

    The waterfall is a dependable, yet seemingly outdated, technique allowing publishers to optimise their yield. But the waterfall isn’t dead yet: according to Alex Bornyakov (pictured below), CEO, VertaMedia, it needs to become automated to maintain its relevance. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Bornyakov explains, when it comes to video advertising, waterfalls are an important and ever-present part of the buying and selling process and the automation of them will help to iron out the negatives.

    Waterfalls aren’t currently the most fashionable [...]

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  • Programmatic Publishing: Time to Repurpose Ad Tech

    Publishers are experiencing an ongoing period of transition, with Facebook being one of the main drivers of it. Ad tech, explains Mihai Fanache (pictured below), CEO,, needs to step in. Here, Fanache tells ExchangeWire that the publishers of tomorrow need to become programmatic platforms to allow them to compete with the likes of Facebook. 

    The world seems to be waking up on the wrong side of the bed lately. It’s like a hangover, but global. Britain is leaving the [...]

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  • UK Ad Viewability Lowest in 18 Months; Shine Hires James Collier; Time Inc Buys Collective

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: UK ad viewability hits its lowest level in 18 months; Shine Technologies appoints James Collier as chief revenue officer; Time Inc. UK acquires Collective UK, Mobvista acquires Danish analytics platform GameAnalytics; and Ad Eye partners with the Dandy & the Beano publisher DC Thomson.

    UK ad viewability hits lowest level in 18 months

    The sore subject of viewability rears its head again, a new [...]

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  • New Facebook Algorithm Negative for Publishers; Amazon Open UK Data Centre Despite Brexit

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Facebook algorithm change shifts focus away from publisher content; Amazon to open UK data centre despite Brexit; Havas launches global OOH & location network; PopJam reaches 30% of UK 8-12 year-olds; SpotX opens new Swedish office; and Blis unveils location private marketplace.  

    Facebook algorithm change to shift focus away from publisher content

    Facebook have recently announced that they are planning to make some changes [...]

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  • Server-side Header Bidding: Fewer Complexities, Greater Reliability

    Header bidding: the ad tech juggernaut that is now used by over 70% of all publishers. But what considerations should publishers take into account when choosing header bidding containers? Andrew Buckman (pictured below), MD EMEA, OpenX, explains the difference between server-side and browser-side header bidding containers; and tells ExchangeWire that server-side header bidding could reduce complexity and improve ad quality.

    Imagine for a minute what the internet would be like if browsers had never moved beyond Mosaic – the first [...]

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  • To Be Agile in Advertising, Publishers Must Offer Programmatic: Q&A with Steph Miller, Zoopla

    Programmatic is much more than a tool to sell remnant inventory — with a firmer grasp of the technology, publishers can enhance scale and revenue, consistently meet demand, and maintain agility in a dynamic digital marketplace. 

    Publishers are aware of the opportunity programmatic presents to expand reach and relevance; yet a lack of understanding is preventing them from doing so. A recent OpenX study found limited knowledge of the technology is the second biggest inhibitor to implementation. What’s more, 20% [...]

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  • The Road to Effective Publisher Yield Management

    Holistic yield management: a popular solution for publishers to be able to effectively monetise their offering, yet still considered a distant mirage for many. ExchangeWire speak with Charles Yardley (pictured below), chief operational executive, City A.M., about their move into automated guaranteed, and how the fact that programmatic is no longer only referring to remnant inventory allows for improved management of yield.

    City A.M. recently announced a partnership with Ad Eye to allow direct buyers access to their inventory through the Ad [...]

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  • A Journey Through the Programmatic Supply Chain: Why You Should Focus on Trust & Value

    Do you know exactly how a programmatic ad impression gets from the publisher to the buyer? ExchangeWire asked Daniel Spears, (pictured below), programmatic director, Guardian News & Media for his advice for buyers and sellers on finding their way through the programmatic ecosystem. Here are his key points:

    When the Guardian first began experimenting with the programmatic sales channel in 2009, the technology promised automation, improved efficiencies, and a means to work more intelligently. It was meant to be clear, straightforward, and [...]

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