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ContentSquare Increased Overall Mobile Conversions for L’Occitane






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Date: 19th May 2017


L’Occitane was noticing consumer drop-off on their site in specific country markets once they reached the checkout page. They tapped ContentSquare to help with overall website analysis as to why this was happening, and re-focus on ROI for these markets with lower conversion rates. By identifying the customer journey, using behavioural metrics, optimisation testing and the use of artificial intelligence, ContentSquare was able to identify key areas for improvement and change, and in the end, drive mobile e-commerce growth for L’Occitane’s and provide continuous improvement suggestions for similarly behaving markets.

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With over 50 websites in 30 countries attributing to $1 billion in revenue, L’Occitane was noticing a large discrepancy in checkout page conversions between markets and needed to better understand how users behaved differently to optimize checkout UX and boost ROI. The team did some research on UX analytics solutions and brought in ContentSquare to help.

With this new partnership, L’Occitane utilized ContentSquare’s customer journey zoning analytics & AI-powered technology to analyze the checkout process and identify struggle points in each market (i.e. in Russia, users hesitated 13 seconds longer on the delivery page than the international average). As a result, and through a combination of understanding the behaviour of users & the help of data driven UX improvements, L’Occitane achieved an overall 15% lift in sales on mobile devices.

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