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TVTY & OMG Drive 47% Reduction in CPCs for HTC

Market: Europe

Date: 8th Mar 2017


HTC’s launch of the M9 smartphone required a considered, targeted approach. Moment marketing with TVTY would allow HTC and their agency partner, OMG Programmatic, to connect HTC’s planned TV activation and UEFA sponsorships with a digital campaign. The three campaign components of syncing digital ads with HTC’s own TV ads; syncing HTC digital ads with competitor TV ads; and syncing ads with key Championship match events ensured reduced wastage, with highly targeted and relevant messaging delivered at the optimum moment for maximum consumer engagement. The high engagement rates, with 100% increase in CTR, combined with a 47% reduction in CPC proved how delivering ads to the right person, in the right place, at the right time still holds true.

Case Study Content

HTC, one of the world’s largest mobile device suppliers, wanted its digital marketing activity to promote awareness and drive sales of its new M9 smartphone. The company, in partnership with OMG Programmatic, a global leader in programmatic media buying, decided to launch a pioneering ‘moment marketing’ campaign with TVTY, the Moment Marketing Company.

Given HTC’s goal and OMG Programmatic’s holistic approach to campaign planning, an opportunity was identified to connect the planned TV activity and UEFA sponsorships with a real-time programmatic activation. Through TVTY’s proprietary moment marketing technology, HTC was able to automatically synchronise their digital marketing campaigns with the most relevant offline moments to bolster brand awareness, engagement and drive online campaign performance. For HTC, these moments were during its TV ads and when its competitors’ TV ads were being aired. As HTC is also big sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, the campaign ran during key in-game moments. The campaign ran from 12th May – 15th June 2015 across the UK, France and Germany.

The campaign was split into three key parts:

1. TV ads sync

2. Competitor TV ads sync

3. Champions League sync

The campaign saw outstanding results. Specifically, a 100% increase in click through rates and a 47% reduction in cost per clicks.

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