Digital Publishing Summit 2019


Reportedly, Digital Publishers are rediscovering their Mojo: both advertisers and consumers are recognising the value of quality content, continued innovation is informing the rapid development and diversification of evolving ‘reader revenue’ strategies, and increasing sophistication in the application of data science is creating further opportunities to expand ecommerce and lead-generation capabilities. The AOP Digital Publishing Summit brings together the leadership teams of online publishers to focus on these opportunities and, to explore solutions to the more stubborn challenges that continue to compromise business profitability.

All sessions are designed to be of relevance to online publishers working in B2B or B2C sectors, and with three streams of content enabling you to choose sessions of most relevance to your own team’s current challenges, you will leave the Summit better informed and inspired by actionable ideas for your business.

Digital Publishing Summit 2019
30th Oct 2019
London, SE1 7PB