In this episode of TraderTalkTV, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O'Kane, is joined by mediarithmics' UK general manager, Phil Raby, to discuss the evolution of the marketing data stack.

In this episode, O'Kane and Raby discuss:

– The current types of data stacks, and how marketers and brands can understand which is best for them;

– How the degradation of the third-party cookie is shaping the role of the DMP, and the replacement solutions available;

– The role of the CDP and the challenges facing brands as the industry evolves; and
– How mediarithmics looks to help brands take control of their own stack to leverage their data more effectively.


mediarithmics offers an open and integrated data marketing infrastructure, covering all DMP and CDP uses. The platform can also be used to create Data Alliances, guaranteeing the impermeability of data between partners and compliance with current and...
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